There was an uproar in Bollywood one day when Actor Payal Ghosh accused film maker Anurag Kashyap of sexual exploitation. Payal Ghosh’s allegations came after National Women’s Commission Chairperson Rekha Sharma came to her support. But till now the Commission has not received any complaint from Payal Ghosh and the Commission is waiting for it.

When Rekha Sharma was contacted about this, she said, ‘I have checked my emails and I have not received any mail from Payal Ghosh. As soon as we receive the complaint, we will forward it to the concerned police and they will then investigate this 2015 case. Apart from this, we are also taking legal advice in this case. Rekha Sharma said that in most of such old cases of sexual harms, Rekha Sharma said, “If there is a delay in the investigation of the cases then the police have trouble in gathering evidence. However, we will try our best.

Talking about Payal’s statement, Rekha Sharma said, “Payal has to record his statement before the magistrate and after that it is up to the court to decide what will be done next. But my goal in the Women’s Commission is that if there is any truth in the allegations, then it will be taken before the court. However, on the allegations of sexual harassment, the Women’s Commission can also conduct its own investigation if needed, although for this first a complaint should be lodged officially by Payal Ghosh.

Payal accused Anurag Kashyap of sexual abuse, said- I felt bad, it should not have happened

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