Apple is one such smartphone brand that almost everyone is aware of. This is for many reasons. Some of them are that the device is a status symbol and it is very powerful and efficient. While the iPhone 13 series is in the market, the company expects most of its sales to be from the iPhone 12 series devices. This is because there is a supply crunch with the iPhone 13 series smartphones. But this is not the only reason. The reason why the iPhone 12 series will outperform the iPhone 13 series over the next few months is because it is available at a discounted rate and also because the iPhone 13 series is similar to the iPhone 12 series in terms of design.

There is a premium iPhone 12 series device that is available at a discount of Rs 24,000 and can prove to be a great buy for the users.

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This iPhone available at a full discount of Rs 24,000
iPhone 12 Pro was launched in India for Rs 1,19,900. But currently the same device is available on Amazon for Rs 95,900. This is a discount of Rs 24,000. There is no guarantee how long this price cut will be in effect. So if you have ever thought of getting an iPhone 12 Pro, now is a perfect time.

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The iPhone 13 Pro is available for Rs 1,19,900. While this is the latest generation ‘Pro’ iPhone, the thing to consider here is that it is also Rs 24,000 more expensive. Also, if you are a new iPhone user, you will also have to buy the charging brick separately. This is what makes this iPhone 12 Pro deals the best.

iPhone 12 Mini price in India starts at Rs 42,099 for 64GB variant in Flipkart. These are great deals for iPhone fans. It’s great to see iPhones getting huge discounts in India.

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