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Ankit Sharma ‘Ishpriya’, Dr. Devendra Bhardwaj16 hours ago

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Naya Roshni Nava Usha, Naya Kshitri. It is a new year, welcome.

Rituraj in the courtyard, the celebration was great. Pleasurable on the adorned car, came a new paradise.

Come on the branches, Nutan Ksalayya Pat. Rituraj gave the earth a new gift

Passing Bhramar Manjari, performing Veenaavadana. Take the tree flowers in welcome, scattered around the place.

The crops of the field ripened, the farmers smiled in the balance. Notify Kokil Pick, singing to Navata.

Mahua’s eighties, mangoes are blossoming. New crop earrings, giving happiness something else.

This is the anniversary of the world, the world is seen as new. Celebrating nature itself, the festival of Navata.

Heart power is the transfusion, started Navratri. They are full of flowers, branch characters.

Rashmi Nav of Udayachal, radiated on the ground. With the communication of purity, you become narrow.

Ritu happening in the spring, the heaven itself. Coming on pulled Avni, as if a classmate himself.

To the goal

There are thunderstorms, there is sunshine, there is an excuse to stop. I have to walk and go. In front of the obstacles, I do not bow down, I am on the middle path, I do not stop, my goal is my whereabouts. I have to walk and go.

Dust will also be found, even pricks will prick in the path, due to obstacles, there is no panic. I have to walk and go.

The desire for success, the path of difficulty, the goal is to be achieved. I have to walk and go.

Renounce the tenacity, which has fallen asleep, in happiness Marichika, the lost souls, even possible, have to become enemies. I have to walk and go.

The dream of victory is to win like gold, if you want to win, you have to defeat yourself. I have to walk and go.

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