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Lifestyle Desk. In this column our relationship expert Dr. Nisha Food Know the answers to the questions related to the relationship. The names of those asking the questions are kept confidential.

I am 30 years old. Seven years ago my Arranged The marriage was held. He also has a three-year-old son. I had a friend before marriage. I did not get emotional support from my wife, so I started feeling emotionally attached to that friend. For the last few years, both of us have become even closer and now we want to get married. But I don’t want to lose my family either. What to do?
Expert advice Getting married again after having a family is not such an easy decision. But if you want to get married again, then before that think whether you have secured the future of your wife and child, because it is a big responsibility of yours. Do not be hasty even if you have done it. Thoroughly examine the foundation of your relationship with your girlfriend before making a final decision. For this, do a small work. Do not keep any contact with your girlfriend for the next six months. Do not even talk to him. Give the whole time of these six months to the wife, spend a good time with them, try to get to know them. Focus on your married life. It may make you understand where the problem lies in the relationship between you two. Maybe it will save your relationship. But even if the problem is not resolved in these six months, it will still be beneficial. It will happen that in future you will never blame yourself and your wife for the fact that you did not give time to the relationship and quit. And meanwhile, you will get to know the depth of your relationship with your girlfriend.

I got engaged in September 2018 and will get married soon. There was a good talk with the partner that took place six months after the engagement. But Understanding did not freeze again. Meanwhile, I went into depression. In the depression itself, he also abused and abused her. However later I got all my treatment done and all is well now. But it has become a matter of mind that now maybe we are not happy with this relationship. What should I do?
Expert advice In this relationship column, I often advise that a person should be the first Happiness It is very important to focus on. If he himself is happy in his life, then believe him that his relationship with other people will also be fine. If you have recovered from depression, then forget the old things. This spirit has to continue further. Meet your partner. Clear your depression. If he has some wrongdoings, then remove them. Before marriage, ask the partner clearly whether she has forgotten the old things (your insolence) or is keeping her tied to the knot? Consider what she wants and what her expectations are from you. If everything is fine then don’t think too much. Make a pleasant plan ahead.

I have been married for four years. Although the wife is intelligent, but sometimes behaves irritable, which comes to mind, she starts speaking. This is increasing tension in the relationship. How do I deal with this problem?
Expert advice The problem is emotional or mental or physical, it is necessary to detect it first. If the problem is of a physical and mental level, then you need a good psychiatrist or Hormonal The expert should show up. many times Hormonal Irritability also increases due to illness (such as thyroid) etc. The next time they behave irritably, you stay calm and after they calm down, ask them comfortably, why is she reacting like this? If you want, you can note the behavior of the wife for a week. Right now your marriage has been only four years and sometimes it takes even more time to understand the partner. Therefore, you have to be very responsible in this whole matter. If wife’s Irritable But if you react the same way, then a little difficulty can take a big form. You should be patient and support your wife emotionally.

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