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Nov 06, 2019, 12:31 PM IST

Lifestyle Desk. Humility is helpful to keep my sense of authority over ego-filled authority, everything, every relationship. We thank nature for all the air, water, earth, sky, in the same way, we are grateful to parents for all the facilities we have got. Develop and nurture this feeling in children. It is necessary to instill certain habits in children from childhood. There are some things that should be taught to children to bring a sense of patience and satisfaction in children. Your behavior is the priority in this. So on these things

Pay attention first

If children have any kind of unpleasant behavior, then it is necessary to stop them at that time. But take care of one thing that stopping a child here does not mean insulting it, but explaining it. If the child says that you did not take his favorite toy for him or provide him with the food that he had, then instead of moving it, explain to him that you have taken more toys for him or you always feed him the things he likes. Huh. In such a situation, it is wrong to behave like this once he does not do his will.

It is also important for children to know that their behavior affects other people. For this talk to them and state that the words they say can hurt the person in front. To explain to children, they can give examples of their kind, such as if they will not take the child to play, he will feel bad or if a child does not play a game, then leaving it can hurt the child, Such examples also teach children how to behave properly and sympathize with others.

Children never realize what they have. They are always sad that their friend has more toys than him or has taken a new bicycle. If the child insists on you for expensive toys or anything else, then make a habit of saying no to them in clear terms rather than making excuses that they will bring him his favorite thing on his birthday. Apart from this, you can also advise him to save money from his pocket money to buy something new.

Parents can teach these things by being an inspiration to the child. Like whatever they have, whether it is food or a relaxed life, they talk to each other about it. Apart from this, things that seem normal but are very important such as giving time to each other, going around or eating together, when you are grateful, then the child will also understand and learn all these things.

Give the child the responsibility of taking care of a pet. Also, every child should be taught to show gratitude towards nature. Give him the responsibility of watering the plants, removing dried leaves from its surroundings and keeping the plant healthy. Explain to him that cradling is not an easy task, as well as giving us some rules about what nature gives us from time to time.

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