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  • Salute To The Nurse Who Saved Three Children In The Hospital At The Time Of Beirut Blast, Fulfilled Duty Regardless Of His Life

17 minutes ago

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  • Photographer Bilal Marie Zevish photographed the St. George’s Hospital University Medical Center nurse.
  • While talking on the phone, this nurse kept three New Born Baby by the chest and saved their life.

On 5 August, an afternoon blast in central Beirut rocked many parts of the capital and thick black smoke began to rise from the city. The explosion was so fast that the windows and falls ceilings of the houses were broken. The sound of this loud bang was heard up to 150 km away.

The explosion also caused significant damage to patients and hospitals facing the Corona epidemic. At such a time, photographer Bilal Marie Zevish took this photo of a nurse at St. George’s Hospital University Medical Center.

The woman is wearing a blue dress and a mask is hung around her neck. In the photo, she is seen talking on the phone pasting three children to herself. Bilal Mary says that I have captured many big events in my camera for the last 16 years.

But I never took such a touching picture. The body of several patients was lying around this nurse. It was also not easy to talk on the phone here. In such a situation, he fulfilled his duty and kept three new Born Baby by the chest.

Even in such circumstances, regardless of their lives, the doctors and nurses of the hospital are engaged in serving the people. In an interview given to “Al Arabia English”, the hospital doctor said – “We are shifting all the patients to the emergency building.”

From there they will be shifted to different hospitals as the number of patients in our hospital is very high. So what else can we do? Most of the patients of this hospital have suffered serious injuries due to glass and glass breaks in the doors.


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