Talking about the best couple of Bollywood, Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput will definitely be counted in it. The chemistry between these two is the best that gives people couple pills. Shahid and Meera have been married for 5 years, but do you know that in the first meeting with Meera, Shahid thought that he would be able to stay with this girl even for 15 minutes?

Shahid-Meera first met in private
Speaking to a lifestyle magazine recently, Shahid Kapoor spoke openly about his first meeting with Meera Rajput before marriage. Shahid told that when he met Meera the two were sitting on two different big sofas and no one was present around them at that time. In this first meeting, Shahid thought, “Will we be able to live together even for 15 minutes?”

Shahid was 34 and Meera was 21 years old
At the time of marriage, Meera was only 21 years old, while Shahid Kapoor was 34 years old at the time. There was a difference of 12–13 years between the two, which seemed strange to Shahid. Apart from this, Meera Rajput was a normal family girl who had no connection with Bollywood. In such a situation, Shahid Kapoor had many questions in his mind, but the first question was about his age.

Shahid’s question was answered in the question
Shahid asked Meera Rajput the first question about age. He asked, ‘Why do you want to marry a person who is so much older than you?’ In response, Meera also immediately asked Shahid, ‘Why do you want to marry a girl who is so young in your age?’ Well, it seems that after this question Shahid-Meera conversation would have been very good only when in 2015 both of them got married. This couple has two lovely children, Misha and Jayan.

Meera Rajput speaks on her arranged marriage with Shahid Kapoor

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