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Ravi Singh is the most expensive bodyguard of Bollywood, takes this salary for Shahrukh Khan's securityThe fans want to know the information about everything related to the life of Bollywood stars. Fans are eager to get a glimpse of their favorite star. At the same time, the stars keep bodyguards for their safety and give them huge salary. Today, we will tell you how much superstar Shahrukh Khan’s bodyguard Ravi Singh takes for his work.

Shahrukh Khan’s security for the last nine years


Shah Rukh Khan’s security in Bollywood, known as King Khan, rests on Ravi Singh’s shoulders. For the last nine years, he has been giving security to Shahrukh Khan from home to abroad.

It takes 2.7 million rupees annually


According to media reports, Ravi Singh takes 27 million rupees annually from Shahrukh Khan for his wages. In this way, Ravi Singh is the most expensive bodyguard of Bollywood. Please tell that Shahrukh Khan includes Ravi Singh in every small and big happiness of his family.

Salman’s bodyguard pays more than Shera


Recently, we told you the salary of Salman Khan’s bodyguard Gurmeet Singh Jolly aka Shera. According to reports, Salman Khan gives more than 2 crores annually to Shera for his security.

Ravi Singh does not live in Limelight


Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera is the owner of a security agency and lives in a limelight. At the same time, Ravi Singh does not live in Limelight but is always present with Shahrukh Khan.

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