Nirmata (Makers)


Anu Menon, who has directed films like London Paris New York and Waiting, this time, decided to narrate the story of mathematician and writer, Shakuntala Devi. And well, she has once again impressed us with her direction. She has narrated the film very well.


Alekh (Story) – Patkatha (Screenplay)

The movie is about Shakuntala Devi who hails from Bangalore. At the age of 5, she easily solves sums that a 10t standard guy can’t solve it. Soon, her maths becomes a source of income for her family. Once she grows up she moves to London and starts doing maths shows. How she makes India proud and what twist and turns take place in her life, forms the rest of the story…


While of course, it is a biopic on Shakuntala Devi, the movie is said through the point of view of her daughter Anu (Sanya Malhotra). The writers have written the script in a way that apart from her professional career as a mathematician and writer, we get to see a lot about her personal life and also about her relationship with her daughter.


The writing is quite crisp and entertaining. The film doesn’t bore you at all, but yes it gets overdramatic. But then Shakuntala in a scene says, ‘We Indians are like that only drama or nothing…’


Abhineta (Actors)


Vidya Balan is a stunner and gives a mind-blowing performance in the film. She nails it as Shakuntala Devi and we love her. Sanya Malhotra does a commendable job and stands equally tall with Vidya. Amit Sadh and Jisshu Sengupta have also put up a good show. We are sure after watching this movie many girls will dream of having a husband like them.


Geet Sangeet (Music)


Sachin-Jigar’s music is just okay and offers nothing great. The songs are forgettable.


Nirnay (eBioPic Verdict)


Shakuntala Devi is a perfect tribute to the mathematician who made India proud all around the world.






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