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  • Short Story ‘Do You Forgive’? Anjali’s Pain Tells, ‘Lord of the Soil’ Reveals the Rites and Poetry of the Child Once Again Reminds Us Of ‘Childhood’

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Short story: Forgive you?

Author: Rupali Dole

From the semi private room of the hospital, Vivek heard a familiar voice. While lying on the bed, he was trying to see, but there was nothing visible from the curtain in the middle. Then the nurse came to Vivek, on seeing whom his senses flew away. It was the same Ankita that Vivek broke off his engagement when he was diagnosed with cancer.

Today he was suffering from kidney disease himself. Ankita’s behavior was similar to Vivek’s, as with other patients. There were no special expressions on his face. Vivek tried to stop himself quite a lot, but he could not stop. He asked, “How are you here?”

Ankita very easily answered every question of conscience, “When you broke the engagement, it was painful to stay away from you more than the disease.” But even after that, I had to live! I was treated. I had already done a nursing course, thought that I should spend my life in the service of people, since then I am working in this hospital. ‘

Vivek’s face was clear of remorse. He apologized to Ankita and requested her to return to his life again. To this, Ankita replied, “With great difficulty he has aroused his self-esteem, his confidence.” Don’t want to lose again now. Just want to ask you one question – if I had done all this with you, would you have forgiven me? ”Vivek was silent now. He understood that he had lost a very good partner in his selfishness forever.

Short story: God of clay

Author: Rashmi Founder

‘Mother, I said that I will not bring Ganesha of clay. An idol of mine is not going to spoil the environment. I have made such a good parasol, the idol with a smooth finishing under it will look good. ”Chintu lifted the house to the sky, finally Veena gave up her arms. Chintu ran out as soon as he got the five hundred rupee note. He had picked up the bicycle that Tai Bholu, who was cleaning the kitchenware, was seen running. Bhaiya… Bhaiya… Bhaiya… I have brought the idol of Ganesha. These days everyone is buying these idols…. ’

“You were going to set up shop or not, Bholu?” “Brother, the water spilled overnight.” The entire house was full of water. I had brought the soil, but all was washed away, five idols have been made out of the soil that was left… Mother could not even apply color. ”Chintu got into some thinking…

“I am giving everyone at sixty, I will give you fifty.” Frustrated Bholu said. ‘Okay …’ said in a decisive voice like Chintu. By then, Bholu had collected the idols and stored them in the courtyard.

“Take what you like.” Bholu’s voice kept the excitement coming. For a while Chintu kept looking at those idols … uncolored sculptures made of pure clay … completely different from his dream idol. ‘Bholu, do this, give the five idols … Tai ji, Chachaji and both didi have to be given as well.’ Bholu jumped up in joy.

Handing over the bag to Chintu, he became ashamed and the mother who was watching this historic deal from the window… her eyes were moist, but the face of her rituals was shining.

Poem: Childhood
Author: Kisalaya Pancholi

The truth is always inside

We just don’t win him

Carrying grown-ups

Forced automatically.

Childhood is sweet

It is just ‘do it’ in mind

Just put lukewarm milk

He resurrects like fresh curd!

Childhood, when you get yourself like this

Live it full

Whether age is fifty five

Or even more than that.

Like a tree at times

Rope swings

As much as possible

Will drink high and high!

Or scattered on the beach

Mussels, shells, sand sand

With his raised veins

With all my heart.

Or walking in the forest

Suddenly seen

On the roots that rose above the ground

Carefully jumping up and down.

Or just in private

Sometimes in front of life-sized mirror

Singing with all my heart

Dance till the gasp.

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