‘We were on whose support, they turned to ours, immersed when my heart woke, in front of me …’ Simi Garewal would not have imagined that the person with whom she is dreaming of building a house, she One day I will come to an end with them and say, ‘Now everything is over between us.’ Simi Grewal was dating Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. Padaudi also floated on Simi. On one hand, Tiger Pataudi’s cricketing career was in full swing, on the other hand his relationship with Simi was also going ahead strongly.

Nawab Pataudi-Simi Grewal was immersed in each other’s love

Simi Grewal and Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi’s Ishq’s discussions ranged from the corridors of cricket to the showbiz industry. Both were so fond of each other that they would spend most of their time together. From cricket matches to public events and even outdoor shoots, Simi Grewal and Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi were also seen together.

Had decided to get married, to meet family members

It is said that Nawab Pataudi was quite serious about Simi Grewal. He wanted to carry on this relationship and so had decided to introduce Simi to his family. But perhaps the fate of Simi Grewal and Mansoor Ali Khan had decided something else. (Photo: Instagram @ sabapataudi)

Everything changed when I got shy

Mansoor Ali Khan met Sharmila Tagore and her life just turned around. Mansoor felt as if Sharmila is the same girl who was made for him. Sharmila may have been a big Bollywood star at the time, but she was also a fan of cricket. At the same time, Mansoor was far away from the world of Bollywood. Meaning he did not have any special interest in the film world. It is said that Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi met Sharmila Tagore through a common friend. At the first sight, Sharmila and Mansoor fell into each other’s hearts, but Sharmila Tagore took 4 years to express love.

Many interruptions in marriage with Sharmila

The religion of the two was different, so there were many obstacles in the marriage. The family also did not agree to this relationship. Mansoor was from the Nawab family and Sharmila was an actress. At the time, she created a panic by having a photoshoot in a bikini. Sharmila posed in a bikini for a magazine cover in 1966, which was also widely debated at the time. Perhaps this controversy was also falling on Sharmila and Mansoor’s relationship then. But Sharmila and Tiger Pataudi did not give up and eventually the family agreed to their relationship. On 27 December 1969, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and Sharmila Tagore got married in royal style.

Sharmila-Nawab Pataudi married due to a condition

However it is said that Sharmila Tagore and Mansoor Pataudi were married due to a condition. It is said that Mansoor Pataudi’s mother Sajida Sultan had placed a condition in front of Sharmila Tagore that if she is ready to convert to Islam by converting her religion, then she would not mind this relationship. Sharmila just wanted to make Mansoor her partner and so she agreed. Then what was there. Sharmila Tagore converted to Islam and converted to Ayesha Sultan. Then Sharmila and Mansoor Pataudi got married. It is also said that Sharmila had also placed a condition on her behalf about her marriage to Mansoor. He had said that if Mansoor Pataudi hit 3 sixes together in a match, then only he would get married. Now how much truth is there in this, it is not known, but there is a lot of discussion about this.

Decided to breakup with SIMI

Simi Grewal got busy with her future life. However, somewhere in his mind there was this pain that after all where there was a lack of love in which Mansoor broke the relationship with him? When Mansoor Ali Khan realizes that he has fallen in love with Sharmila and wants to settle down with her, he decides to go for a breakup with Simi before continuing the relationship. (Photo: simigarewal.com)

He said to Simi – everything is over between us, someone else is found

He is said to have reached Simi Grewal’s house to have a breakup. Rang the doorbell. When Simi Grewal opened the door, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi was standing in front. Mansoor had a hesitation on his face and a lot of questions in his mind. But even Simi Grewal would not have guessed those questions. Simi Grewal offered Mansoor lemonade and asked him to sit comfortably, but Mansoor refused to take lemonade and said, ‘Forgive me, but I want to make one thing clear. It is all over between us now. I have found someone else. ‘

That ‘last’ meeting of Sharmila, Simi and Pataudi

Simi probably had an idea of ​​this and so they tried to change the point. Offered more lemonade to Mansoor, but he refused and got up to leave. When Simi started to leave Mansoor outside the elevator, Mansoor refused. Despite this, Simi Grewal came to the elevator to leave her love Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. There he found the woman standing in front of him, for which Mansoor broke the relationship with him. She was Sharmila Tagore. They both said nothing to each other and just kept staring at each other… Ekatak. But that silence also told a lot. But even after her marriage to Sharmila, there was no bitterness between Mansoor Pataudi and Simi. After a few years of marriage, Sharmila and Mansoor Pataudi also appeared on Simi Grewal’s chat show and none of the three had made any mention of their past. A good chemistry was seen among them. (Photo: YouTube)

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