Sushant singh Rajput’s friend Smita Parikh has made some shocking revelations about her and Riya’s relationship. He told how Riya broke her connection with Sushant and how she used to dominate.

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His friends are now coming forward openly in the Sushant Singh Rajput case. Sushant’s father has filed a report against his girlfriend Riya Chakraborty. He is accused of abetting Sushant to suicide. Sushant’s friend Smita Parikh has made many shocking revelations about Riya in an exclusive chat with ETimes.

Sushant’s family also has friends

Smita is Sushant’s friend since 2017. They became friends when Sushant first went to the Literature Festival as a guest speaker. After this, Smita became not only Sushant but also his sisters and sister and brother-in-law’s friend.

Sushant’s answers stopped

Smita says, My touch with Sushant was reduced around August 2019 before he was in regular touch. We were last talked about this Diwali (2019). After this, there was no response from Sushant. I also wish him a birthday, also through Riya Chakraborty’s phone. I gave a wish but did not get any response from both. I think by then his number had changed and he had not been sent my message.

Riya brought the new manager

Where did Smita meet Riya for the first time? Smita replies, We were reciting some poems at Sushant’s house dinner. Riya was there along with manager Shruti. I learned that Shruti would manage all of Sushant’s work, which Riya brought.

Sushant’s condition was not right

  • Sushant's condition was not right

    The statements of all those people associated with Sushant are now coming to the fore who were quiet till now. Recently, his ex-girlfriend Ankita Lokhande told a lot of things related to Sushant on national television. Siddharth Pithani, now living with him in an exclusive conversation with Times Now, said that Sushant was in a bad situation. He told that he was also very emotional.

  • Sushant started crying with his hands

    Siddharth told, in January I went to his house lastly because he called me. I was in Ahmedabad. They had called me to live together and said, quit the job and come back, we will do something together. That’s when I came to live and work with him. The day I met him, he was feeling very low. They held my hand and started crying.

  • Sushant was feeling lonely

    Siddharth told that Sushant’s health looked very bad and his hands were shivering. He was sadly saying, I think I have none.

  • Sushant was fine when he went to visit

    Siddharth told that he went on a Chandigarh trip with Sushant. He also met his family. Sushant was right at that time. Sushant had started taking medicines on time after coming from Trip and was cured. Then he had stopped taking medicines.

  • Disha was troubled by Disha's death

    At the same time, according to the report of India Today, Siddharth also told what happened before 14 June. Siddharth said, he was staying with Sushant during the lockdown. He met her at around 1 pm before Sushant’s death. The next day, he gave up his life. Siddharth said that Sushant was upset with the news of his ex-manager Disha Salian’s death as his name was appearing in many reports. Disha had suicided on 8 June.

  • Siddharth Pithani is under suspicion

    Let me tell you that there were also reports that Siddharth Pithani has accused Sushant’s family that he is being pressured to give a statement against Riya. At the same time, advocate for Sushant’s family says that till July 25, Siddharth himself was telling the family how Riya is guilty in Sushant case.

Many things are being hidden

After Sushant’s death, just a few days ago, Sushant’s family calls Smita and discusses whether he noticed something wrong? After this Sushant’s father KK Singh lodged a complaint. Much has been written about Sushant’s autopsy report, says Smita. I asked Sushant’s sister Mitu if he saw Sushant hanging, his answer was ‘no’. He was already in bed. Many things are being hidden in it.

Sushant wanted to marry Riya

Did Mitu talk about Sushant’s manager Disha Salian’s death? To this she replies, No, she had no idea about this. Smita also mentioned that Meetu and Riya had never met. According to Riya, Riya would leave whenever Sushant’s family came. Riya told me, ‘Otherwise there would have been fights’. But Smita also told that Sushant’s family had assumed that Sushant liked Riya and wanted to marry her, they had explained Sushant a lot but he had made up his mind.

Sushant’s condition deteriorated after this trip?

  • Sushant's condition deteriorated after this trip?

    Many people associated with Sushant Singh Rajput believe that he had changed a lot after dating Riya. People on Sushant’s staff such as his bodyguard, cook, his flat Samuel and his PA Ankit have all said that Sushant’s condition deteriorated after his return from Europe Trip. Sushant and Riya went on a Europe trip in 2019, and their holiday was very much discussed. Here are her pictures…

  • Most people mentioned this trip

    Most people living with Sushant Singh Rajput have given a statement about their health falling. Everyone says that Sushant looked ill after returning from Europe trip. Sushant accompanied Riya Chakraborty on this trip.

  • These pictures were in discussion at that time

    Sushant went on this trip in October 2019. Pictures of this trip also made headlines on the Internet. At the same time, there was a buzz that Riya and Sushant were dating.

  • Returned around Diwali

    According to the reports, Sushant had gone to Europe to shoot for ‘Dil Bechara’ and Riya had also gone with him. Sushant’s staff had told that Riya and Sushant returned around Diwali.

  • Staff said Sushant had changed

    Ankit Acharya, who was a PA of Sushant, had told during an interview that he looked quite dazed when he met Sushant after being on a Europe trip. Dark circles had formed under his eyes and he looked rather changed.

  • Riya was giving medicines!

    Siddharth Pithani and Riya Chakraborty, who live with Sushant Singh Rajput Rajput, claim that Sushant was in depression. He was also giving them medicines. At the same time, his staff has told very shocking things to the media

  • There was also talk of witchcraft

    Sushant’s cook had also told his sister that Riya was involved in some witchcraft. At the same time, about 3 lakh rupees have also been deducted for any puja from Sushant’s account. However, the householders say that they do not know of any worship.

  • Center gives green signal to CBI investigation

    The Bihar government had recommended a CBI inquiry to investigate the Sushant Singh Rajput case. It has got the green signal from the center.

Riya used to pick up Sushant’s phone

So was Smita in touch with Riya? Smita says, yes, I had Riya’s number. Riya came into his life, after that he used to pick up his phone and even got our meeting done. In this way Sushant was slowly disconnecting and Riya was dominating. I think he was given a phone that did not have contact numbers of Sushant.

This is how Sushant and Riya first met, this is the whole story

  • This is how Sushant and Riya first met, this is the whole story

    A new twist has come in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. Sushant’s father has alleged that Riya instigated Sushant to commit suicide. He has also filed an FIR against Riya in Patna. According to the news, Sushant had also told ex-girlfriend Ankita that Riya is harassing him. Learn here the story of Riya and Sushant coming into relationship …

  • Riya told the story to the police

    Police has recorded statements of many people after Sushant’s death. Among them are Sushant’s ex girlfriend Rhea. Riya herself told in the statement how she met Sushant and how the two came into the relationship.

  • Riya and Sushant met in 2013

    Riya Chakraborty told the police that she first met Sushant in 2013. Sushant was then shooting for the film ‘Shuddh Desi Romance’. At that time, Riya was working in ‘Apni Dad Ki Maruti’. The sets of both films were around. Riya and Sushant met for the first time. After this Riya and Sushant met in many parties and the numbers were exchanged.

  • Meetings started after friendship

    Riya and Sushant become friends and meet. Riya had told the police that Sushant was already in a relationship at that time. Riya was also in touch.

  • In relation came around 2018

    Riya said that during 2017-18, they separated from a production house and decided to work with different banners. Only after that both came into relationship. Please tell that in 2016, news of Sushant Ankita’s breakup started coming.

  • Riya told why she left Sushant's flat on June 6

    Riya had told the police that she was staying with Sushant but on 6 June Sushant was in depression and asked Riya to leave him alone. Riya says that she saw Sushant’s condition and left him alone without asking anything. Riya had said that she suddenly received the news of her suicide on 14 June.

  • Sushant messaged Ankita in 2019

    According to the news, Ankita Lokhande has told Sushant’s family that during 2019, Sushant had a chat with them. Sushant wished her all the best for ‘Manikarnika’. It was then told that Riya harasses him a lot and he does not want to be in relation.

  • Riya was threatening Sushant!

    Sushant’s father has also written in the FIR that Riya and her family separated Sushant from his family. Together they wanted to declare him crazy. Riya was also threatening to make her medical report public.

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