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13 hours ago

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  • We all have some habits that cause trouble for us as well as others. It is better to remove such habits as soon as possible.

1. Make space work …

We moved the stuff and sat on the table with the laptop open, while the luggage is also scattered, we do that. Do not even bother to remove the items scattered on the table and put it in the right place. In the same way, just made room to cut the vegetables and got the job done. This habit affects the quality of your work and your mind as well. Whether cutting vegetables on the table or working on the laptop, sit in the same place wherever you sit. Save the scattered items and then start the work. Due to this, if the place is clean, then the mind will also be engaged in the work with the clarity of the place.

2. Don’t settle …
Here we are not talking about arranging the things scattered here and there, but to arrange the way of working. For example, keeping the password of all social media, e-mail or any important website separately, forgetting and then making a new password or the habit of not keeping the necessary documents in one place, by trying to login every time. Change it because this habit can spoil the work along with increasing the work.

3. Do not take responsibility for cleaning

Some people’s goods are dirty and dusty. Their computer, mobile or car is always dirty and dusty. If you have any goods, it is also your responsibility to keep them clean. Get used to cleaning gadgets. It is also important for health. Make sure to apply light-colored cloth on the vehicle daily. The entire cleaning of the car can be done once a week. Wash the clothes with which you are cleaning, and dry them after using them so that next time you do not have to search for any clean clothes. Leaving the clothes dirty like this is also one of the bad habits. If the items used everyday are clean, then they will also run for a long time.

4. Unlimited spending

Shopping makes many people happy. But shopping without reason is also a bad habit. Buying multiple colored nailpolishes together or stacking lipstick of every shade or a t-shirt or top of the same color is a waste of money. Just while running a mobile, I ordered something from a shopping site, which was not even needed, it is an enemy of pastime savings. It is not necessary that a big objective is put in front to save money. Prevention of waste of money is also an objective. Get into the habit of saving. When there is no need to save money, it will be used in lump sum or in some cases.

5. Waste of time
The habit of getting busy on mobile as soon as waking up in the morning is seen in most people. The mobile, picked up on the pretext of viewing the time, is kept in the name of seeing the necessary messages, e-mails. Spend a long time on social media and messages on sight. There can be no greater misuse of the required time of the morning because one spends time doing unnecessary messages here and there, the other has a bad effect on the eyes, and thirdly, the time spent in exercising or eating something nutritious, it has gained on mobile. To rectify this habit, keep the phone on full message only by looking at the necessary messages. Read the newspaper Do the exercise. Start the day systematically.

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