Recently, a statement of famous actor Mukesh Khanna came out in which he said that cases of sexual harassment have started coming up because women have started working out. This statement of Mukesh Khanna was heavily criticized. Actress Sona Mahapatra, now known for her impunity, has also expressed her displeasure over Mukesh’s statement.

Sona Mahapatra told ‘retarded’
Sona shared a link to the news of Mukesh Khanna’s statement on Twitter, writing, ‘Yes, because according to this person, men have never exploited women or children at home, it is better to ignore them, retard. The sad truth is that there are many such backward thinking people all around us. The pace of change is slow but it is happening.


Sona Mahapatra’s tweet.

Mukesh Khanna told the difference between female and male
Let us tell that in the video that was going viral on social media, Mukesh Khanna had said, ‘Man is different and woman is different. The composition of a woman is different and the composition of a man is different. Woman’s job is to take care of the house. The problem of Ye Me Too started when the women moved out of the house and started working. Today she wants to work shoulder to shoulder with men. But more than this, the child who travels has to be away from his mother. The child is forced to live with Aya and sits with him because even Sansa is a daughter-in-law who watches the serial. A man is a man and a woman is a woman.

Apologize later
After this statement came to light, Mukesh Khanna apologized by writing a long note on social media. He wrote in his note that this interview has been distorted. Mukesh said that he respects women a lot. He said that he was taking his statement incorrectly. Mukesh also said in his clarification that he had absolutely no say that the exit of women leads to sexual harassment. Read Mukesh Khanna’s full statement here.

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