Sonam Kapoor is in London these days and recently she went to the theater to see the film ‘Tenet’. Sonam was so happy to see this film that she immediately expressed her happiness on Instagram. Sonam is very happy about two things, which she has mentioned in an Instagram post.

Sonam arrived in Theaters to see Christopher Nolan’s film Tenet. He has written that it is wonderful to see a film on the big screen. Apart from this, Sonam while referring to this film wrote that seeing Dimple Kapadia in ‘Tenet’, her hair got erected.

Sonam has written that nothing can be compared to cinema on the big screen. Sonam has shared the same scene of the film ‘Tenet’ in which Dimple Kapadia is seen for this post.

Please tell that the corona virus has brought stagnation in the cinematic world as well. However, it has been reopened by adopting safety regulations in many countries. Cinemas in India are still closed.

Recently, Tom Cruise also went to the cinema hall to see ‘Tenet’ and expressed love for the big film and big theater in his post.

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