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Sonu Sood, who became a messiah by transporting thousands of migrant laborers to their homes during the lockdown last year, recently arrived as a guest on the set of reality show ‘Dance Deewane’. During this time, tears come in his eyes when a poor family calls him an angel to help him in time.

In fact, recently, Sonu had airlifted a seriously ill woman named Bharti to Hyderabad by getting her airlifted from Nagpur so that she could get treatment at the right time and survive. The show featured a video of Bharti’s family in which her mother became emotional and she cried and said, Sonu sir is an angel for us, Sonu also cried after hearing this.

People pleading for help

Sonu has emerged as the Messiah in this coronation. Since last year, the process of giving help to the helpers has not stopped. Recently, Sonu Sood had told through his social media story that he has sent 10 oxygen cylinders to the needy in Remedesvir and Indore. Apart from this, he also demanded to cancel the offline examinations from the Central Government a few days ago. After this, Sonu expressed happiness when the CBSE canceled the examination of 10th and deferred the examination of 12th.

The actor recently expressed helplessness

Sonu recently expressed helplessness over not being able to provide beds and medicines for Kovid patients. He wrote, “I have not kept my phone since morning. Thousands of calls have been received from all over the country for hospitals, beds, medicines, injections and so far I have not been able to provide this to many of them. Feeling helpless Am. The situation is scary. Please stay home, wear a mask and protect yourself from infection. “

With this, Sonu wrote, “Do what I said. I am still doing it. I am confident that together we can save many more lives. It is not time to blame anyone, but for them to come forward.” Is for those who need you. Those who do not have access, try to fulfill their medical needs. Let’s save lives together. I am always there for you. “

Corona itself has been infected

Sonu himself had become corona infected in the past too, though he recovered from it in just 6 days after being reported positive. In a conversation with eBioPic, he revealed the secret of defeating Kovid in such a short time.

Sonu said, “I am a vegetarian. I have a habit of eating lots of fruits, green vegetables. During this period I kept taking vitamins, calcium, zinc, etc. The rest of my immunity also helped me recover from corona. Breeding exercise is also very much I have been taking ‘dolose’ and regular medicine when I have fever, from ‘Pan D40’. I also did a lot of steam inhalation.

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