Sonu sood helps migrant workers: Sonu Sood has asked workers to beware of fraudsters. With this said that if anyone asks for money to send home in my name, immediately complain.

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Sonu Sood shared whatsapp chat screenshotsSonu Sood shared whatsapp chat screenshots

Sonu Sood is less praised for the work being done for the migrants stranded in Mumbai under lockdown. He has transported thousands of migrant laborers to his home through buses for a long time. At the same time, some people are taking advantage of this wrongly and have started collecting money from the workers in the name of Sonu Sood. The actor has warned people by giving information about this by tweeting.

Complain on asking for money

Sonu Sood has also shared screenshots of WhatsApp chat on his Twitter handle. Wrote with it, ‘Friends, some people will contact you to take advantage of your need. Whatever service we are doing for the workers is absolutely free. If any person asks you for money in my name, then refuse it and immediately report it to us or a close police officer.

Asked for money in the name of sending home

In the WhatsApp chat screenshots Sonu Sood has also shared, the person asking for money is calling himself Sonu Sood’s manager. Along with this, he is demanding money to send laborers home.

Resolve to take home to all expatriates

Sonu Sood works for 18-18 hours to help migrants. He says that he will continue his campaign till every migrant laborer reaches his home. Sonu Sood recently sent 177 girls trapped in Ernakulam, Kerala after being airlifted.

Sonu Sood became Sahara in times of trouble

  • Sonu Sood became Sahara in times of trouble

    A mountain of sorrow broke out in Mumbai for the people who came to their livelihood when the nationwide lockdown due to Corona virus was declared. Now neither means to earn anything nor to go home. But Sonu Sood came as an angel for these forced migrants and started sending these people home. His move is being appreciated everywhere.

  • More than 12000 laborers sent home

    Sonu Sood is constantly engaged in helping migrant laborers trapped in Mumbai and sending them to their homes at their expense. So far, he has sent more than 12000 laborers to the house through buses. He has named this initiative as ‘send home’ and Neeti Goyal is helping the actor in this noble cause.

  • Sonu Sood monitoring things for 18-18 hours

    To send migrants home from Mumbai, Sonu Sood monitors things for 18-18 hours so that work is done properly. Along with this, he is also supplying needy people with his Twitter handle. The actor has made arrangements for migrant laborers from UP-Bihar to Karnataka as well.

  • Sonu Sood is also arranging for food and water

    In a 60-seater bus, 35 passengers are being sent keeping in mind the social distancing. Buses land these workers at their doorsteps. Sonu Sood is not only sending laborers home but also arranging for their food and water.

  • Sonu Sood has opened 6-storey hotel

    The country is going through anomalous circumstances due to an epidemic like Corona virus. From the very beginning, Son Sood is playing the role of Corona Warrier. He opened his 6-storey hotel in Juhu so that medical staff caring for Kovid-19 patients could stay there.

  • Everyone is saluting Sonu Sood

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