Surendra Rajan-Sonu SoodSurendra Rajan-Sonu Sood

Corona virus broke everyone’s back in the country and people who were away from their homes faced food crisis. Due to the lockdown, a large number of people were trapped in Mumbai and then Actor Sonu Sood pledged to help the people. He has brought thousands of people to his home so far. The latest case is of Surendra Rajan, his co-star in Sonu Sood’s film ‘R Rajkumar’. 80-year-old Surendra Rajan came to Mumbai to shoot a web series which has just been canceled and he was stuck here.

Surendra Rajan is away from the industry for a long time

Surendra Rajan is the same person of ‘Munnabhai MBBS’ whom ‘Murali Sharma’ i.e. Sanjay Dutt gave magic spell in the hospital. Surendra Rajan has been away from the industry for a long time and he had a lack of work, no income, so went financially weak. In a conversation with Navbharat Times, Surendra Rajan said that due to being a junior artist, his payments to many projects have been stopped.

Sonu Sood spoke to Surendra Rajan on phone

Navabharat Times contacted Sonu Sood in this regard and gave information about Surendra Rajan. Sonu immediately called his co-star Surendra Rajan and took all the details from him. Surendra Rajan later confirmed this conversation and told us, ‘Sonu Sood has asked to make arrangements to send Satna by train from June 17-18. I did not talk much to him but he also asked about my condition.

Sonu Sood’s work is extraordinary and amazing

Surendra Rajan said, ‘Sonu Sood’s work is amazing and I am surprised that a man is working like this. One cannot do this unless there is tremendous will to help people from inside. He is doing extraordinary work and no one can do such work till there is no faith in humanity. There are so many people in the industry. People like Son Sood are rare.

Dua on the lips of migrants and Sonu Sood in prayersDua on the lips of migrants and Sonu Sood in prayersBollywood actor Sonu Sood has emerged as the messiah of the workers in the Corona crisis. Amidst the Corona crisis, Sonu Sood helped thousands of workers who were unable to reach their homes amid lockdowns. The way Sonu Sood has helped such people has created a different image from them. Not everyone is getting tired of praising them. At the same time, Sonu Sood is being praised on social media too. Everyone is calling him a real life hero. In such a situation, another video of Sonu Sood is becoming quite viral. He is seen sending 2000 migrant laborers to their homes.

After leaving Mumbai I will stay at my disciple’s farmhouse

Surendra Rajan told, ‘For now I want to leave Mumbai and stop at a forest farmhouse in Ajaygarh. The farmhouse belongs to a maharaja there and I used to teach petting to his maharani. They say that you can stay here as long as you want. One of my disciples keeps sending money to eat and drink. I am so old and I have not done any favor in the industry till date and do not want to take it. ‘

Very good relationship with Sanjay Dutt

Surendra Rajan told, ‘I have worked with Sanjay Dutt in Munnabhai MBBS and I have very good relations with him. I consider him like a son. I once came to ask for help from him but I do not want to ask anyone for help. Once Sanjay Dutt introduced him to his father Sunil Dutt, he said that he had never seen them, but he is a very senior artist. On this, Sanjay Dutt said that this is not an actor, he is a great painter and photographer. Later too, I have been meeting Sanjay Dutt and I can ask him for help and cannot ask anyone.

Landlord lags behind on rent

Surendra Rajan said, ‘My landlord is behind on rent but I had almost run out of money. One of my disciples paid 45000 rupees for three months. There was help from the RSS. They gave me ration. ‘

Sonu Sood became Sahara in times of trouble

  • Sonu Sood became Sahara in times of trouble

    A mountain of sorrow broke out in Mumbai for the people who came to their livelihood when the nationwide lockdown due to Corona virus was declared. Now neither means to earn anything nor to go home. But Sonu Sood came as an angel for these forced migrants and started sending these people home. His move is being appreciated everywhere.

  • More than 12000 laborers sent home

    Sonu Sood is constantly engaged in helping migrant laborers trapped in Mumbai and sending them to their homes at their expense. So far, he has sent more than 12000 laborers to the house through buses. He has named this initiative ‘Send home’ and Neeti Goyal is helping the actor in this noble cause.

  • Sonu Sood monitoring things for 18-18 hours

    Sonu Sood monitors things for 18–18 hours to ensure that migrants from Mumbai work properly. Along with this, he is also supplying needy people with his Twitter handle. The actor has made arrangements for migrant laborers from UP-Bihar to Karnataka as well.

  • Sonu Sood is also arranging for food and water

    In a 60-seater bus, 35 passengers are being sent keeping in mind the social distancing. Buses land these workers at their doorsteps. Sonu Sood is not only sending laborers home but also arranging for their food and water.

  • Sonu Sood has opened 6-storey hotel

    The country is going through anomalous circumstances due to the corona virus epidemic. From the very beginning, Son Sood is playing the role of Corona Warrier. He opened his 6-storey hotel in Juhu so that medical staff caring for Kovid-19 patients could stay there.

  • Everyone is saluting Sonu Sood

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