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  • Stephanie Carlo, World’s First Girl To Do Ballet In Hijab, Did Not Get Admission In Ballet School Because Of Hijab, Mother Started Daughter And Made Daughter A Star

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  • Carlo started learning ballet from the age of just two.
  • Carlo dreams of opening a ballet company and a performing arts school.

Stephanie Carlo is an 18 year old Russian Australian dancer. After being rejected from several dance schools, Carlo’s mom started an academy herself to teach ballet to her daughter. Today, Stephanie Carlo is in the country and world because of her.

Carlo’s parents adopted the religion of Islam when Carlo was nine years old. Carlo Jahra considers Lari his inspiration. Jahra is the first woman in the world to go ice skating wearing a hijab.

However, while learning this dance, she never imagined that one day she will impress the whole world with her dance with hijab.

In an interview to Point magazine, Carlo said, “Why can’t I dance while wearing a hijab when Jahra is ice skating wearing a hijab.” I think ballet is my life. I am nothing without it.

Carlo started learning ballet from the age of just two. Her mother says that in childhood Carlo used to dance even when she could not even walk properly. Seeing her passion for dance, I decided to get her admission in dance class.

Carlo did not get admission in any ballet class due to wearing hijab all the time. Carlo was very sad about this. His mother then established the Ballet Academy for her daughter. In 1991 Carlo became a member of the Australian children’s group “Weigels”, established in Sydney. While dancing with them, Carlo learned the nuances of dance.

Carlo dreams of opening a Ballet Company and Performing Arts School where people of all religions and all ages can learn this dance form. Carlo has launched a campaign in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East to encourage girls wearing hijabs to fulfill their dreams like other girls.

Carlo became a part of the Hote Hijab’s New Heritage Collection in 2019. She also joined the Levono campaign with fashion designer Terese Clemens. When Carlo was 14 years old, the sports fashion brand “Björn Borg” impressed her with her dance and gave her scholarship which removed her financial difficulties.

Carlo wants to be impressed by their story and the girls who move forward feel that they cannot do anything. She says girls should believe in themselves. This is the right way to achieve success.


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