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  • Student’s Favorite Homework Teacher in Texas, USA, Students Are Demanding ‘Teacher of the Year’ Title For Them

26 minutes ago

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  • Courtney said that when the whole day of the children is spent only in academic things, then it does not develop their whole
  • She says that if homework is not done honestly, there is no benefit

A teacher is trending on social media in Texas, USA. The student, who is known as Mrs. White, is demanding the title of Teacher of the Year. In fact, Courtney White aka Mrs. White, who taught English at a high school in Texas, never gave homework to students throughout her career.

When he wrote about his philosophy on social media, his videos were seen more than 5 million times. 27-year-old Courtney says – “The no homework policy in the education system has been there for many years, but schools and teachers are not serious about it.” They have just started following it ”.

She says “There is no evidence that students are meritorious only by giving homework.” If students are studying with full concentration in the classroom, then there is no need to repeat the same things at home. Most of the high school student games at Mrs. White are associated with the FFA (Future Farmers of America). Some students also work part time ”.

In such a situation, she does not want to waste their time by giving them homework. She says – “If homework is not done honestly it would not have benefited.” She wants the children to go home to rest or work as per their interest ”.

Courtney said that when the whole day of children is spent only in academic things, then it will not be able to develop them completely. It is also important to appreciate their time outside the classroom. Although some people have also opposed her, people say that she is making a wrong tradition, this can have a bad effect on the future of children.

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