Sunny Hostin condemned Tucker Carlson after the Fox News host questioned COVID-19 vaccines, reminding him that both of her in-laws tragically died in 2020.

Sunny Hostin called out Tucker Carlson on The View after the Fox News host speculated on his show that the White House isn’t telling people that COVID-19 vaccines are “ineffective and dangerous.” Sunny, whose husband is a doctor, has been up close and personal with COVID-19. Both of her in-laws died in December 2020 after contracting the virus. She reminded Tucker of her personal tragedy and warned that his “irresponsible messaging” about the vaccine could lead to more preventable deaths.

“I think people like Tucker Carlson are being very irresponsible for sending out this messaging, that maybe the vaccines just don’t work,” Sunny said on the April 14 episode of The View, visibly frustrated. “That is very irresponsible, it’s misinformation, and I think that it’s causing, in the long run, people to die. People need to be more concerned about the virus. More scared of this virus than the vaccine.”

She got personal with the Tucker Carlson Tonight host, who had gone full tin foil hat and claimed that the US government knew — and didn’t care — that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine could cause blood clots. “Everyone knows now that I lost both of my in-laws, Manny [Hostin, her husband] lost both of his parents to this virus,” Sunny said. “Two doctors, healthy doctors. You got to get vaccinated. That is what’s most important to protect each other and yourself.”

Sunny Hostin Tucker Carlson
Sunny Hostin unloaded on Tucker Carlson on the April 14 episode of The View (Shutterstock)

Epidemiologist Dr. Anthony Fauci called Tucker’s comments “a typical crazy conspiracy theory” on CNN. “Look at the data. The data are overwhelming… I don’t have any idea what he’s talking about.” Johnson & Johnson recently announced that they were pausing distribution of their COVID-19 vaccine over reports of adverse reactions. Six recipients of the vaccine in the United States out of 6.8 million reported severe blood clots.

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