Sunny Leone is currently in the US. His fans in Kerala have found a great way to be close to him. To avoid Corona there, such masks are being sold which have a picture of Sunny Leone.

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People are following social distancing to avoid corona. It is also necessary to apply a mask to avoid the virus. In such a situation, Sunny Leone’s fans have figured out a way that she will be close to them and will be saved from Corona.

Sunny’s strong fan following in Kerala

Sunny Leone is quite popular in Kerala. Right now the favorite actresses of the people of Kerala are in the US and the fans have found an idea to keep them close. Special masks are visible in Kerala, with a picture of Sunny Leone. These masks are of simple fabric.


Sunny has been seen in many things

Even before this, a picture of Sunny Leone has been seen in many things from firecrackers. This is probably the first time Sunny’s photo has appeared on the essential thing to avoid some disease.

Sunny is in the US with the family

These masks are on sale in Kerala. Sunny has moved to the US in May with her husband and children. According to recent reports, she will not return before August.

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