CBI investigation is going on in the case of the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput and the team is questioning the people associated with the case. Riya Chakraborty is said to be the main accused in the Sushant case. At the same time, many questions are being raised in the minds of the fans of Sushant in the case of the death of his favorite actor. Meanwhile, Riya talked about Sushant’s relationship with his family in an interview.

‘Sushant’s father did not have good relationship with mother’
In an interview given to news channel Aaj Tak, Riya Chakraborty said, ‘Sushant and his father’s relationship was not good from the beginning. Sushant had not spoken to his father for five years before I came into Sushant’s life. Sushant told me that he had a very close relationship with his mother. The relationship between Sushant’s father and his mother was not good. This thing was troubling Sushant since childhood. Sushant’s father had left his mother. That is why Sushant used to stay away from his father.

‘Sushant’s family was told about the depression’
Riya Chakraborty said, ‘I told Sushant’s family about his depression. His sister told Mitu. He said that this is the problem with Sushant. Was also with mother. It is good that there will be treatment and Sushant will be cured. If Sushant had such a good relationship with his family then why were the sisters not with Sushant at the time of need. When Sushant went to Chandigarh and if he felt that I was controlling Sushant, then why did he not stop Sushant there.

I wanted Sushant to have a good relationship with his family ‘
Riya Chakraborty further said, ‘When Sushant and his sisters-in-law met, I myself wanted their relationship to be good, but I do not know what happened between them that the next day they were separated. While Sushant was undergoing treatment at Waterstone, his sister had come there, but why did she leave from there at night. If something was happening there that was strange then why did not the sister stop. ‘

‘Priyanka was going to have a case on Sushant’
Riya further said, ‘There was an incident between me and Priyanka. They tried to molest me drunk. I told this to Sushant, he got into a fight with his sister. After this, Sushant messaged me that Priyanka is trying to manipulate him. After this, Priyanka was going to case Sushant. But despite this I hugged Priyanka at Waterstone Resort that your brother needs you. He is undergoing treatment. But still she left from there. If there was so much love, she would stop there.

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