Sushant Singh Rajput’s case is clearly getting messy day by day. There’s a drug angle in the case which states that Sushant used to consume drugs and now according to a report in Times Now, the actor’s ex-manager Shruti Modi has told CBI that drugs were very much a part of culture around the actor.


Reportedly, she has told CBI that she was just a facilitator and never consumed it. Well, on the other hand, we have Samuel Haokip, who spoke to BT about Sushant and his case and went on to reveal that till the time he was with Sushant, the actor had nothing to do with drugs.


He said, “I left in June 2019 and till then, Sushant had nothing to do with drugs. We had multiple parties at home with cigarettes and alcohol. We were staying with Sushant. He could fool us once, but not every single day. If he hid and did something, we were not fools to not understand the evident and sudden change in behaviour. As for Sandip, I had never heard Sushant mentioning him. Neither was he ever at the house during that period. In fact, I was not just home, but also with Sushant on his sets, sometimes two shifts in a day. He never mentioned this man. So, when I saw a lot of media speaking about Sandip, I thought maybe he was an old friend.”


Well, we clearly wonder what’s the truth.

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