In the case of Sushant Singh Rajput, some names are constantly in discussion. One of such names is producer Sandeep Singh. Social media and the media have been constantly questioning the role of Sandeep Singh in connection with this case. Now Sandeep Singh will file a defamation case against all those who are spreading ‘rumors’ on him in Sushant case.

Deepak Sahu, media manager of Sandeep Singh, shared this saying, “Sandeep Singh will file a defamation case against all those who are spreading rumors and making false allegations.” Let me tell you that questions started to arise on Sandeep Singh when Sushant’s family said that he does not know Sandeep Singh. However, after the death of Sushant, the face of Sandeep Singh was the most visible in the media on 14 June.

Sushant’s niece Mallika Singh wrote in an Insta post about this, ‘The family does not know who Sandeep Singh is. Meetu aunt was unconscious after seeing the body, so she had to support someone to walk and he was present there at that time. I again say that she does not know Sandeep Singh. ‘

Sushant Singh Rajput case: The vehicle which was seen outside Sandeep Singh’s house used to go to and from Riya

Earlier, Vikas Singh, lawyer for Sushant’s family, also claimed that Sushant’s family did not know Sandeep Singh and how he got there at the last minute of Sushant. Apart from this, some media reports have said that based on Sandeep Singh’s call detail, he was not in touch with Sushant till 10 months before his death. Now the Maharashtra government has also decided to investigate Sandeep Singh’s drug link.

Sushant and Sandeep had not been discussed for 10 months, questions raised on Dubai connection

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