In the case of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, the CBI team is investigating and is groping every angle. On the other hand, the NCB has interfered in this case after the drug chat of the main accused Riya Chakravarty. At the same time, Riya had said during the interview that Sushant used to take drugs. When we talked to a film technician about our connection to Bollywood and drugs connection, Times Now claimed that the artists are not able to act without drugs.

Real acting does not come out without drugs
Technician said, ‘Drugs are a very minor thing in Bollywood, that is, the smallest artist or the biggest artist is involved in its addiction. They take drugs in vanity vans and also in parties and they are found somewhere. I have been in the industry for 12 to 15 years and I have seen that whether there is a small actor or a big actor, unless I take drugs, then the acting does not come out of it. Many normal actors will be able to do this without acting. For so many years, we have seen that until he gets intoxicated, his real acting is not available. Acting without it is equal to nothing. ‘

Drugs are easily found in Bollywood
The technician told further, ‘The big artist has different drugs and the normal artist is different and the younger artist takes hemp and charas. There is nothing here without drugs. Till date all the good artists I have seen, they are not able to act without drugs and drugs. Just like the old artists used to act, those kinds of acting nowadays will not be able to do without drugs. Nowadays, if you get tired of shooting for 18-20 hours and taking more projects, then maybe you take it. There is a ban in drugs India and it is a big deal but it is something that is easily found in Bollywood.

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