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Looking through the window, it seemed as if the trees were running wildly, but do not know where the destination is. My life is also like this, there is a race in which I am running. How easy is it to run! Run away when you don’t understand anything. But where does a person go, when it is necessary to run away from ourselves. This is my third transfer in the last five years. Just running life and running away – myself, from those memories.

While thinking, Trishna’s face came to mind and once again I closed my eyes. ‘Sir, oh sir, your stoppage has arrived. Have you slept? ”The conductor shrieked and I came out of my thoughts. After taking off my luggage, I started towards my destination. Nowadays I do not like these new cities as strangers, because I have seen my own people being strangers.

‘Ok, so you are Shivam?’ My landlady said giving me the keys to the top floor. ‘You have come from a long distance, you must be tired. Go drink tea. ”He said.

“No, thank you.” And I walked away giving my formal smile. This world is so strange, one has to roam here with a mask, fake laughter, fake face and fake love. Trishna remembered once again not wanting. It was evening to save the new house. When hunger was realized it went down. Thought there would be a shop around. There was a grocery store just a short distance below, a girl arguing with the shopkeeper.

‘Hey brother, this is a good loot! MRP has written 50 rupees on this and you are taking 60 rupees from Auntie Ji! ’She was speaking.

It is kept in the fridge, even cold. He too will be paid. ”The shopkeeper said, he said,“ Good Uncle, how long has it been? Started charging even after cooling? Let me tell you, those with the consumer court are my identity, I call them. ‘

‘Good daughter, let it be. Take it, sister, you are only 50. ”Hearing this, the shopkeeper smiled as if he had won a battle. ‘What do you want?’ Asked the shopkeeper looking at me.

‘Give a packet of noodles,’ I said, then the girl looking towards me said, ‘Listen, give them only after seeing MRP. Do not know, do not say that if kept in the shop, then I will charge it too. ”She went on smiling saying this. The next day I was walking in the park with someone patting me on the shoulder. She was the same girl. “So on MRP, did I pay more?” He asked.

I only talk to people when I need to. I like making a distance, or I say I dislike these relationships. On saying ‘MRP,’ I stepped up my steps so that I could leave it behind. It was Sunday, there was light rain in the morning. I sat at the window with a coffee mug.

Looked out, the same girl was seen again. It was blossoming by making a water boat with the children. I do not know why I got upset Some people are very happy and do not have any grief in their life. Why am I not like that who is happy to drive a paper boat in water?

I loved the rain too and Trishna too… she remembered again. Don’t know why the taste of coffee became astringent and I moved away from there. The next day was the first day of my new office. I was just sitting on my seat that she was smiling while sitting on the seat in front of me.

‘So, it is your first day! By the Way, I’m Anahita. Looks like you are following me. First in my own society, then in the garden and now the beans office… I was looking at me from the window yesterday. ”He said with a smile.

“No … otherwise.” I said hesitantly and she laughed. ‘Kidding man, Relax,’ she said and went away.

Even at lunch time she came to me and stood up. I did not like his frequent visits, I did not like disturbing my loneliness. She was saying something and I got up from the table. I knew that what I am doing is not right, nor is civilization, but I am like that.

The next day she appeared in the park, smiling too but the silence was still on my face. Whenever she used to see me in her society or around the park, I used to see people mingling. Children used to roam around in front of him. Anahita was loved by everyone in the office too.

Trishna … She was like that too, cheerful and loved by all. Everyone used to say that I am very lucky. Kismatwala … !! ‘Trishna’ – This name took away all my happiness. My head started spinning as if everything would collapse. I put my head on the table. ‘Shivam, are you all right?’ When asked by Kalig, I said that the bus is due to migraine.

Anahita had probably overheard, grabbing a pill and a bottle of water and said, “Take it, you will get rest. And yes, the more you think, the more the pain will increase. ”I looked into his eyes. For the first time, she saw the same streak of pain in her eyes, which she has been living since then. I felt this pain a little.

‘Trishna, what are you saying, I love you. You know that I will not be able to live without you, I will die craving. ”I pleaded in front of him.

Please please Shivam, don’t do this, nothing is working. We are both different, my desires for life are different and yours different. I do not want to take this relationship any further. Me and Sameer are happy with each other. Try to understand. ‘

Sameer my boss, Trishna my love. Everything was good in my life. Don’t know when this happened again.

Trishna left. That five-year-old companion, the vow of living and dying, the words of the faithful, were all lies. Today when she got better than me, one who fulfills her every wish, she left me, cheating on my love. Something is broken, something is broken inside me. And I have been running since then.

Clouds were clouded. It was raining and it was evening. Everyone had left the office earlier today. Anahita was seen outside. She looked a bit upset. I took my bike forward ignoring it, but after thinking something back.

“What happened?” I asked. ‘I will manage, you go. You were going home, right? ”She said in a rather unbecoming manner.

‘Tell? Sorry, I was a little bit in tune. ‘Maybe he saw me going. I felt ashamed. “That cab is not coming and it is going to be night too,” said Anahita.

“Come on, sit down, I leave.” I said. ‘Are you sure?’ She had the same old smile on her face and sat on the bike.

Something was different in this girl. The more she laughs, the deeper pain is in her eyes. The pain that one endures, the one who feels, only he can understand. It is not necessary to have happiness behind every smile. There was a lot of rain last night, that’s why the weather was very pleasant in the morning. I went out for a walk in the park.

I was making the rounds that suddenly I got the sound of Anahita screaming. Probably had slipped. I supported him and reached the hospital. ‘Look at the fracture, plaster plastering and walking. Listen Mr, take care of your wife, she has to complete a few days. ”The doctor said while holding the medicine slip.

‘She Ain’t My Wife!’

Both of us spoke together, the doctor smiled. Anahita was moaning, I asked her, ‘Listen, I call you at your house, someone will come to look after you.’

‘I am an orphan, I have no one. The one who gave birth threw it on the garbage heap in childhood. She grew up in an orphanage. And when she grew up, the vultures started thinking about me for this body. Somehow escaped from their clutches and have been running till today, from one place to another, like you… !! Are you running? ‘

Anahita said looking into my eyes. My heart was shocked, this girl, who spends the whole day, whose words make people laugh, walking around with such a deep wound inside her! I was feeling my pain today small.

I brought Anahita home. He put his medicines on the head and asked him, “Listen, you are hungry?” “Yes, I will eat noodles, come to make you.” I know. ’He laughed the way he said. In a while I was in front of him with two plates of noodles.

Suddenly there was a loud sound of something hitting. The window was open, I went to close the window. The rain had started again. I suddenly remembered something, I took out the purse from the pocket, there was a picture of Trishna in it. I smiled and sliced ​​the picture out of the window. “What were you doing at the window?” Anahita asked.

“Nothing, the scrape of the past was left, today it was dusted.” I had a smile on my lips.

“Ok, I go.” I told him and started descending the stairs. I suddenly remembered something and I went up again. Anahita was surprised to see me returning.

‘Listen Anahita… You were right! And yes, call me if I need something, now I have stopped running, thinking I should stop a little bit. ”And she smiled again.


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