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  • The Form Of Maa Durga Is Hidden In Every Woman, Make This Day Of Navratri A Way To Eradicate Your Distress And A Means Of Happiness, Prosperity And Security In Life.

Prabhat KumarOne hour ago

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Among the 108 names of Bhagwati Durga, there is Adya (origin, beginning), and also Chita (deathbed). There are many forms of the Goddess in Lokmanas. Some are affectionate and soft-spoken, some violent and scary. Her most calm, beautiful and curvy form is ‘Gauri’ and the most extreme, violent and cruel form is that of the goddess ‘Kali’. Maa Durga is worshiped with her diverse forms and names. This can be explained in two ways-

Every woman is durga

Compare the eight arms of Goddess and the graceful weapons in them with the woman of today or earlier. We will see that in our society women have been burdened with multi-faceted duty and responsibility and they have also discharged them with complete success, strength and loyalty. It is clear that worshiping Goddess as the best symbol of female identity will be rational not only from the religious point of view but also from the social point of view.

Motivator of change

Devadatta Patnaik says that when the Goddess changes her form, she inspires change. The initiator can be converted into a breaker. The breaker can turn into a defender. One who harms can conserve. He who wishes can also show restraint. Goddesses are the world around us. Goddesses inspire us. They create desire within us.

Navadurga innovation

In the nine forms of Navadurga, Shailputri is considered self-respecting and strong-willed, Brahmacharini as Sthyamna and the struggling and Chandraghanta as Kalyanakarini. In the same way, Kushmanda symbolizes the conception, the attainment of salvation, a child free from life and birth, the parents and parents of Skandamata and Katyayani-Swaroop saints.

The eighth form of Bhagwati is Mahagauri and the ninth form is that of Siddhidatri, the Goddess who gives knowledge or understanding. These are the rarest forms of the goddess Durga who needs to be perfected for her interview. If we look closely, these rare forms are present even in a common Indian woman, but it is necessary to have patience required to do them with full vision.

Opportunity for change

Navratri is a festival which is celebrated three times a year. It includes Chaitra Navaratri, Shardiya Navaratri and Gupta Navaratri. Shardiya Navaratri is considered to be the most important in terms of festive religion and religious importance. However, in view of the global epidemic this year, it is evident that the whole world has been affected. It also has immediate effects on festivals and socio-religious life. In such a situation, there has been some difference in the laws and social conduct related to our faith.

Goddess Durga will give us the opportunity and power to cleanse both our disorders and thoughts in the hour of this crisis, it is strongly believed. Therefore, these nine days should be a means to end the crisis and bring happiness, prosperity and security in life.

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