May 14, 2020, 06:21 PM IST

Megha Jose, the founder of the city’s non-profit organization Possum People Project, and 150 of her volunteers worked to vaccinate and barely protect the city’s stray animals. But when all the restaurants in Coimbatore were shut down due to the nationwide lockdown and the animals were deprived of food, Jose and 49 volunteers of his organization have taken up the task of feeding 1,500 dogs across the city.

People coming forward for help

This institution ensures that animals are fed dry food and fed water. Also, they do not depend entirely on food, so they give them enough food to survive. Some volunteers feed on cats as well as stray cows, goats and horses. The special thing is that not only the volunteers but also other people are joining for help under this project. Jose said that it is nice to see people coming forward like this. Wearing a family living in a hut, he said that he who has nothing, is also taking the responsibility of feeding 10 dogs.

Megha is eating 60 stray animals

On the question of the lack of enthusiasm in the country due to the constantly increasing lockdown, Megha says that now people have made this work a part of their lives without any hesitation. His WhatsApp is filled with photos and videos of animals that people are feeding daily. She shares these photos and videos on Facebook, after which people are coming forward to adopt them. Under this project, 10 dogs have been rescued so far, out of which two have been adopted, while 8 others are being taken care of by the volunteers themselves. While doing this, Jose himself feeds 60 stray animals daily.

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