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18 hours ago

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Saint Thiruvalluvar was a weaver in his early life. Used to do a small shop for saris or essential clothes. Once some naughty boys came to their shop and started bargaining. One of them, a rich boy, picked up a sari and asked, ‘What is its value?’

‘Two rupees?’

The naughty boy tore the sari in two and then asked, “Now what is its value?”

‘One rupee for each part.’

The boy was mischievous and they came to the shop for the purpose of teasing him. The boy kept slicing that saree and asking for their value every time. The saints continued to value him accordingly.

When the sari was torn to pieces, the boy said, ‘I will not buy this sari anymore. What are these pieces for my work? ‘

The saint said, “These are your, nothing will work for anyone.”

Hearing this, the boy felt a little embarrassed. At the end he said, ‘Okay, take these two rupees, this will make up your loss.’ He wanted to give the money, but the saint did not take those rupees.

The saint said, “No one can fulfill the deficit. Cotton was born through the hard work of the farmers, whose cotton was spun by my wife, I dyed it and then weaved her sari. ‘

‘The loss would have been fulfilled when someone wore it. How many people’s labor went in vain? Can anyone make up this deficit with a rupee? ‘

Thiruvalluvar had said all this with a very calm mind, not in a feeling of being in a tantrum or being scolded. As if a father is explaining to his son.

The mischievous boy became ashamed after hearing all this. His eyes filled up. Suddenly he fell at the feet of Thiruvalluvar. He apologized to them again and again.

Thiruvalluvar was a saint, when he was not angry at him, then what would he have forgiven.

The boys left quietly.

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