• Suu has been pregnant for 800 weeks of her life, giving birth to her first child at the age of 14.
  • Radford couple gave information about new guest on Instagram, both mother and daughter are healthy


Apr 09, 2020, 04:15 PM IST

London. The youngest guest in Britain’s largest family. 44-year-old Sue Radford has recently given birth to her 22nd child. A year ago, she gave birth to her 21st child. Soo then said that this was his last child. The picture of the recently born girl has been shared by 48-year-old husband Noyle Redford on his Instagram account.

Birth certificate is not available
Both mother and daughter are healthy amidst the fear of Corona. The daughter weighs 3 kg. In the UK, parents are required to register the child within 42 days of birth. For registration one has to go to the registry office of the district where the child is born but at this time the registration process has been canceled due to Corona epidemic.

The Radford couple’s daughters are also present in the picture with their children.

Eldest son 30 years old
The eldest child of Soo and Noel is Chris. He is 30 years old. His sister Sophia is 25 years old. Next, Kohle (23), Jack (23) Daniels (20), Luke (18), Millie (17), Katy (16), James (15), Ellie (14), Amy (13), Josh (12) ), Max (11), Tilly (9), Oscar (7), Casper (6), Hailey (4), Phoebee (3), Archie (18 months) and Bonnie (8 months). The 17th child of Soo and Noel is no longer in this world. Son Chris and daughter Sophia are now shifted to their home. Sophia herself has become a mother of three children.

Family lives in a 10 bedroom house
Until 2004, the family lived in a rented house of 170 pounds (about 15,000 rupees). Father Noil owns a bakery business and the family lives in a 10-bedroom house. The family spends more than 32 thousand rupees only on food every week. Every day, 18 kg of clothes are washed in the family and there is always cleanliness in the house.

Sterilization surgery done again
According to the ‘Daily Mail’ report, Radford’s large family runs the bakery business. After the 9th child, Noel, the head of the family, underwent sterilization, but underwent surgery again in want of more children.

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