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  • The Trend Of Keeping Oversized Plants At Home Became The Choice Of People, Special Attention Is Being Paid To Arches To Include Curbs And Organic Shapes In Rooms

Mansi Pujara, BangaloreOne hour ago

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  • Chair, coffee table, couch and lamps will be curvy to give the space a more youthful and modern look.
  • Working areas are being built along with the living room or any other room.

Home Interior has taken center stage in 2020. The reason is that people are now spending more time at home. Architects and designers are recognizing their responsibilities well in this period and trying to give the best to the clients in interior design. There are some designs which are creating new trends and there are also some future predictions, which tell how much the interior will change in the coming time.

Biophilic design
Indoor plants have made a significant place in interior design projects. Now the trend of keeping oversized plants indoors has started. Biophilic design means an interior connected to nature. In most homes, a large space for greenery is being taken out which is believed to improve physical health, mental health and overall ecosystem. Reclaimed wood, hanging plants, green walls and green installations will now be part of the main stream interior.

Arches will be provided to include curbs and organic shapes in the house. Decorative patterns can also be painted on the walls to bring arches indoors.

Mini study tips
Now that ‘Working from home’ has become common, the importance of flexibility in the house has become more than ever. Working areas are no longer formal. Working areas are also being removed along with the living room or any other room. Therefore, small study marks are being made. These study nooks can be associated with larger furniture pieces. They can also be combined with a closet or bookshelf.

Fully Integrated Kitchen
Kitchen cabinets and drawers will no longer have handles because invisible hardware will be the new trend. Push latches, mechanical- magnetic devices will be installed inside the cabinet. Cabinets and drawers can be opened from the hidden bridge.

Colorful bathroom
Bright-bold colors will appear in the bathroom. Architects and designers are painting the bathroom pink, yellow, blue, green.

Chubby Design
Chairs, coffee tables, couches and lamps will be curvy to give the space a more youthful and modern look. The furniture trend will be rounded in this new trend. This is called neotenic design. The word Neotenic derives from ‘Neoteny’, which means – childlike.

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