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  • The Working Woman’s Appeal To The PM What Is Written On The Broom That Only Women Will Run? Why don’t men share hands?

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  • 71 thousand support in the online campaign of a woman fed up with the burden of home-office in Coronkaal

Is it written on the handle of the broom that only women will run it? Is there anything written in the manual for washing machines and gas stoves? Then why don’t most men share in household chores? All these questions related to almost every household are part of the online petition that has been filed regarding the work of the suddenly increased women in the house and kitchen during the coronary period.

Subarna Ghosh, who lives in Petition Mumbai, has filed. Over 71 thousand people have signed on it. Ghosh wants Prime Minister Narendra Modi to say something about this matter in one of his connections. Suggest a solution to this issue and ask men to understand their responsibility in household chores.

Subarna Ghosh started online campaign

Actually, Subarna was burdened with the work of home and office during the lockdown. The petition is the essence of his experiences and the story of his own home. Rather say like this – it is a house-to-house story. Many women are facing similar situations. The responsibility of domestic work rests with them only. Cooking, cleaning, washing, folding, bedding etc. do the same. Subarna also runs a charity organization. Her husband is a banker.

Purpose of online petition – change in people’s thinking

She says that it is also expected of women that after doing so much, they also complete their office work. During the lockdown, he himself had to compromise his functioning the most. His office work was affected. Work from home and housework. She was very tired. The balance in the family was deteriorating. He also complained about this. However, later there was some change in such conditions. According to Ghosh, this is a fundamental question. Why don’t people want to talk about it? The motive of this petition is to change people’s thinking.

Addressing Modi, these lines said ‘Mann ki Baat’

Missed this on the pretext of lockdown

No one explained to the men of the house

The housework belongs to the woman, speaking she turned down

Quit GDP, your loved ones also forget

Then thought why not talk to Modiji

To remind men in the next speech

Everybody is doing chore every day

Why work in lockdown again?

Participation is the responsibility

Is India not a sweet match?


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