E-mail has become a part of today’s ‘smart’ era. E-mails play an important role in our daily routine from home to office. If there is an office, then mail to the boss or collegue. E-mail to the concerned company to place the request for service/repair at home. It can be said that e-mail has become the only way to express yourself in a professional manner. In such a situation, it is important to be as clear as possible while doing e-mail, as much as it should be careful about its method. There is no list of basic rules regarding e-mail, but some advice is given about using it professionally.

If you e-mail through mediums like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, then some mistakes can be avoided. What are those little things, which we often ignore while e-mailing? Let’s find out…


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Marking an email as ‘urgent’

The intention behind marking any e-mail as ‘urgent’ is that your point of view is very important. It is advisable that if you are writing some issue in the e-mail, which does not necessarily need to be answered immediately. So, avoid marking the e-mail as urgent. This habit of yours can tarnish your image professionally.

SMS language use

If you write ‘Thanks’ as Tkw and ‘Sorry’ as Sry, it can cost you a lot. Such behavior in the office can not only tarnish your image, but you can also get a written warning for it. Keep in mind, let the language of SMS remain only for text messages and WhatsApp. Do not make it part of the e-mail.

leave the subject blank

Many times, while writing an e-mail, in a hurry, we forget to write the subject. Some users intentionally leave the subject line blank. In both the cases the importance of what you have said gets diminished. What is written in the subject line gives a signal to the receiver about the matter. In such a situation, if you have left the subject line blank, then it is quite possible that your detailed statement may not be considered as accurate. Nowadays apps like Outlook also warn the user before sending mail without subject. …so avoid making the mistake of leaving the subject blank.

Create emoji and smiley

E-mail is a way to express yourself in a professional manner. Along with saying your point in the least number of words, keep in mind that do not resort to emoji, emoticons. You may be doing so with a positive attitude, but in professional language, emojis don’t matter. The subject you have spoken about may lose its seriousness because of the emoji. Avoid sending too much content in attachments.

choice of fonts

Along with the language of the e-mail, the choice of fonts also matters. Tampering with the fonts, colors used while writing e-mails affects your image. Avoid applying background images and choosing colorful and slanted fonts. Yes, if this mail is about your birthday or anniversary then you can take this discount.

CC/BCC feature and mail length

The feature of CC / BCC in e-mail is to include other important people in your talk. If you unnecessarily ‘tag’ someone in this feature, then it can be inconvenient for you. The thing to keep in mind with this is the length of the mail. Try to keep your point through e-mail in as few words as possible. Expressing your point in too many words can distract you and the receiver from the issue.

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