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  • This Is The Right Time To Convert Fitness Hobby Into Business, Ashika Jain Is Giving Tips On Making A Career In Gym, Jumba Classes, Aerobics

9 minutes ago

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  • It is very easy for you to learn to use any video platform. You can also open online accounts on an app for free.
  • If you are an expert, then you can also start a special class for those aged 18 to 35 years.

Many Indian housewives are very vigilant and enthusiastic about their fitness. Also, to keep your body and mind healthy, all kinds of routines invest a lot on exercise.

The infectious Corona epidemic that has spread as a major crisis around the world over economic and health has imprisoned everyone in their homes. Fitness centers, gyms, yoga centers, zumba classes, aerobics and yoga are all closed in most cities of the country and the world.

Fear of the outbreak of epidemic is not able to get their operations approved. In times of uncertainty, a large number of women are taking care of their families as well as children in their homes.

Women are worried about their fitness and health. In such adverse circumstances, the line of opportunity in disaster may be missed. This time is the most suitable time to land your business idea.

If you are fitness conscious and active then you can turn this opportunity into business. Editor, India, Forbes Advisor Ashika Jain is telling easy tips to convert all fitness options into business:

1. You can turn your passion towards fitness and health into a business model. In this way, you will also remain fit and earn well. For this, you can launch your digital fitness tutorial.

2. All you need to do for this online business model is to identify something that you consider yourself to be a master in fitness techniques or a technique or discipline in which you want to master later.

3. If you already know a popular fitness method and want to train others in it, then you can start it very easily and without any money. First of all, you should form a group of women in your community or nearby through WhatsApp.

4. Starting with this group, you can tell about your fitness business. Once you are promoted through this and some enthusiastic people join you, then you start an online class.

5. It is very easy for you to learn to use any video platform. You can also open an online account on an app for free. Once your work becomes popular and the right number of members are added, you can start charging fees.

6. It can range from Rs 100 to Rs 300 per class. If you have basic knowledge of a fitness method and you want to become an expert in it, then the whole world is in front of you on YouTube.

7. If you know the basic techniques of fitness, then children can be your best audience. If you are an expert, then you can also start a special special class for people aged 18 to 35 years. Also, a fitness course for aged people can be started separately.

8. Spend some time on improving your skills and then improve the skills and health of others. So pick up your phone and launch your digital fitness business using the Internet.


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