Britney Spears is taking fans along on a past vacation to her beloved Maui. She shared a throwback video rocking a snakeskin-print bikini on the beach while playing in the surf, along with other trip highlights.

Britney Spears‘ favorite place is Hawaii and her most beloved setting is the beach. The 38-year-old singer was longing to be in that moment, reliving a vacation to Maui in an Oct. 2 Instagram throwback video. Brit shared her most cherished moments from her getaway there in Feb. 2020. It opened with the pop princess on her knees in the sand, splashing around in the incoming waves as the sun set directly behind her. Brit could be seen in one of her favorite bikinis, a blue and brown string number that features a snakeskin print pattern.

After a shot of some fish swimming around a koi pond, it was back to the beach but earlier in the day for Brit. She was seen in the bright sunshine in the same bikini, while wearing a white straw cowboy-style sun hat. She sat on the golden sand and stretched out her yoga-toned legs in front of her to look so fit and fab. The waterline kissed her toes as she did a brief body roll on the beach.

The mother of two showed off other favorite moments including a large tree with a giant canopy of mossy branches, which appeared to be from a Feb. 26 Instagram post where she commented on the “thousand of birds” chirping around her. The vid ended with shots from a drive along the beach with the sun setting in the distance as she headed into a quaint oceanside village. One alert follower even noticed how in the final driving video, her ex Justin Timberlake‘s “Blue Ocean Floor” was playing over the scenery.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears shows off her toned bikini body while enjoying a day on the beach in Hawaii on Aug. 6, 2016. Photo credit: SplashNews.

Britney is such a fan of Maui that she named one of her fragrances after the island in 2016, with Maui Fantasy. In her post’s caption, the “Toxic” singer reminisced, “Just thought I’d recap some of my favorite moments from my trip to Hawaii! I always have an amazing time in Maui….lunch by the pool…a splash in the ocean…and a chocolate piña colada drink that tastes like an ice cream Sundae!!!!”

She then told her followers, “They actually named the drink after me … Piña Britana —- no sh*t !!!! Anyhow … this is a throwback of some of my adventures there ..GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!” But Britney wasn’t done with her vacation memories just yet. A few hours later she shared a video getting on a private plane with boyfriend Sam Asghari, 26, then turning around to give a cute wave to the camera.

The video then looked out the window of the plane flying in low clouds over lush greenery, which could have again been from a Hawaiian trip. It then cut to Brit and Sam as seen from behind, holding hands as they walked down a beach. Brit in the caption longed to go back, writing “A little trip @samasghari and I took!!!!!! I love traveling,” then adding, “when it’s safe to of course.”

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