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  • To Understand Children, See Them As Friends, You Can Win Their Hearts By Dissolving Love In The Way You Talk.

Manoj Srivastava, Family Advisor31 minutes ago

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  • The only way for children to go in the right direction is to instill positive discipline and good values ​​in them.
  • Try to understand the child’s heart by changing the way you speak.

How to discipline the children, perhaps all the parents will be two to four from this strange dilemma. The question is many, children have to be protected from the ill effects of the external environment and mediums like TV-internet, but they cannot be kept away from all this.

Whom the children are meeting, befriending, it is not possible for parents to keep watch all the time.

The only way for children to go in the right direction is to instill positive discipline and good values ​​in them. The problem then arises in front – what should be the way? Scolding and punishment adversely affect his mind.

Because of the scolding, the children initially accept the matter, but after some time, it starts souring in their mind and they are cut off from the parents.

There is a thinking in their mind that the elders will not understand their needs and needs and they will be silenced again.

It starts with the hiding of children. Changes in behavior and words are necessary for this to not happen. Know some effective methods.

Change the words slightly

Nobody likes to be in control, not even children. Most parents are always seen telling the child ‘what not to do’. Like ‘don’t jump on the couch’, ‘don’t play outside’, ‘no TV after 9 pm’.

When this is done the children show more resistance. Parents can say the same things in another way. ‘Son sofa is for sitting’, ‘It’s too hot outside / rain, we’ll go out later’.

Change your way of speaking, and see its direct impact on the mental state of children. With this, they will listen to you and will agree.

Mix love with accents

When you speak your words with love, your words reach easily. Shouting or talking in a loud voice, the child is scared at that time, but in the long run, the effect starts to reverse.

As a parent, you have to understand that when you are angry, you cannot teach anyone a positive lesson. So, calm down and sit with love and explain it.

Understand feelings

It is very important to listen easily to a person. Think yourself, how will you feel when you are upset and there is no one around you who can listen to you?

Do you get repeatedly interrupted to make you depressed or irritable? We make the same mistake with children. Without listening to them, we start calling them mischievous, unconvincing, bad kids, etc.

Sit near the children for some time and listen to them. When they feel that they are being listened to, they feel connected to you.

Connection with children is the most important part of positive parenting. Numerous studies show that children who are able to express their feelings to parents easily do not feel lonely as they grow up. Also, they are able to understand the feelings of others.

Play friend

If these techniques of positive discipline are to be followed, the results will certainly be much better than the old scolding discipline methods.

Every parent wants their child to share everything with them, but they themselves are not able to play the role of a friend.

It is important for the parent to understand the child’s wishes and curiosities and to know how he is viewing the world.

Encourage him to share his thoughts with you and accept them with open heart and mind and show him the right path without being reprimanded.


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