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  • This can be talked about with patience, without getting angry with your neighbor
  • You can also solve the problem by sending a polite text message

Have been at home for a long time, also doing work from home. In such a situation, when everyone finishes work and sits down to drink tea, the noise coming from the neighbors house makes you nervous. Songs are played in loud voice, there are also voices talking on FaceTime. If you are troubled by such voices during social distancing, then in such a way, adopt these four measures:

1. Do not delay in talking

It is not easy to face the neighbor. It may seem strange to tell them how to live in their own house. But will not bother until we talk. Most people are upset for a long time, but do not talk. Then take out your anger elsewhere. This can be talked about with patience, without getting angry with your neighbor. Only by sending a polite text message can you solve the problem.

2. Understand the situation

A noisy neighbor can become a headache. Especially when you are working on a big project or trying to sleep. In such a situation, first try to understand their perspective. They may be completely unaware that their voice is reaching you.

3. Have your say

You might also feel offended if neighbors tell you to stay calm, especially when you are trying to relax by listening to music. Healthy conversation is possible only when both understand things from each other’s perspective. When you talk angrily, the motive is only to prove the fault of the other. If you tell your problem with humility, they will understand you. Tell them that the noise is disturbing you. Say that because of the sounds coming from your house, I have difficulty in working, it is also difficult to sleep. I will be grateful if you help me. ‘

4. Talk to neighbors

It is not necessary to have deep friendship with the neighbor but it is in your interest to maintain the relationship. Can send text messages to them. You can ask the situation at any time. If you have never spoken before, you can put your phone number and name at the door.

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