The verbal war between Kangana Ranaut and Urmila Matondkar continues. Urmila spoke on Kangana’s drug connection to the state of Himachal Pradesh. After this, statements of both of them are coming out against each other. Kangana called Urmila a ‘soft porn’ actress, after which now Kangana says that Urmila had called her prostitute and Rudali then why no one objected.

Kangana called Urmila a ‘soft porn star’
Kangana has made many tweets. Sunny Leone has also targeted in a tweet. Kangana said in an interview to Recent Times Now that Urmila is not known for acting, she is a soft porn star. On being criticized by her statement, Kangana tweeted, “Where did your fame go when Urmila called me Rudali and a prostitute?”

Shun Leoni also targeted
In another tweet, Kangana has written that the Liberal Brigade once pacified a well-known writer by virtual lynching because he said that Sunny Leone should not be our role model. Sunny Leone is accepted as an artist in the industry, and Fake Feminists suddenly start comparing insults to porn stars.

‘I will not compromise with the principle’
In the third tweet Kangana writes, I am a satrap. I can cut my head, but I cannot bow my head! I will always raise my voice for the honor of the nation. I live with honor, respect, self-respect and will live proudly as a nationalist! I will never compromise with the principle, I will never! Jai Hind .

Urmila had told Himachal that the stronghold of drugs
Kangana, referring to Urmila’s old interview, has accused Kangana of making fun of her struggle by calling her Rudali. On the drug connection of Bollywood, Urmila had said that Kangana should know that her state is a stronghold of Himachal drugs. Why doesn’t she start from there?

Kangana’s Urmila hit back at Matondkar, said- she was not known for acting soft porn star

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