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  • Use moisturizing cream to make brushing easier
  • Soft, flexible bristle brushes should be chosen for straight hair

Some girls have naturally beautiful hair, but even today there are some girls who use a variety of treatments and products to make their hair long and thick. If in spite of all this your hair is not healthy then know the right way to brush hair. Of course in a few days the benefits will start to show.

The correct strokes are important

Delicate / straight hair

Soft, flexible bristle brushes should be chosen. Hair experts recommend using a wet brush. Volumizing spray can be applied to the roots before brushing.

Thick hair

Do not use a comb as it is not flexible and does not fold with the hair. Hair can be solved by applying leave-in conditioner or gel. Paddle brushes with wide pin settings can also be used.

Frizzy hair

A bore bristle brush should be used to sort out frizzy and dry hair. Bore bristles spread the natural oil of the scalp properly throughout the hair, so that your hair is not frizzy.

Thin hair

If the hair is thin, damaged or color treated, it breaks more easily. Moisturizing creams can be used to make brushing easier. Synthetic bristle brushes should be used instead of natural as they move more easily in the hair. But wet hair should not be brushed, especially thin hair. Hair should be dried up to 90 percent before brushing.

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