Vikas Guppta calls out Parth Samthaan, Shilpa Shinde, Priyank Sharma for making him 'go through hell
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Vikas Guppta calls out Parth Samthaan, Shilpa Shinde, Priyank Sharma for making him ‘go through hell’

Bigg Boss fame Vikas Guppta has come out in the open about his side of the story and has called out names from the TV industry who made his life hell by leveling accusations against him. The TV producer has named actors Parth Samthaan, Shilpa Shinde and Priyank Sharma and warned them that he will call out everyone who made him ‘go through hell’. In an Instagram post, Vikas Guppta lent out his anger for being wrongly accused of things and hit back at those who spoke ill about him.

He wrote, “This is what made something snap on me . To call out to the evil people who have made my life a hell everyday. From spreading rumours about me to accusing me of killing a boy , too randomly making allegation of molestation to destroying careers .I am calling out to these people one by one and if this is true I deserve to be jail and if it’s not then what . What do these people get for making my life a living hell for the last few years . Form to the police . Only defamation charges that also fight the case #vikasgupta #Shilpashinde #priyanksharma #parthsamthaan I won’t even mentions the other names because they are doing it to get famous at expense of ruining me. Before you all decide to torture me to this extend i will make sure you all are unmasked so you can never hurt anyone else.”

Vikas shared a video in which he showed the accusation leveled against him by Parth Samthaan for molesting him, non-payment of dues and threats of ruining his career. The video then shows how Shilpa Shinde called Vikas ‘industry mafia’ and accused him of making an MMS with her lookalike to defame her. He also showed a tweet by Priyank and rounded up all that has been said against him.

He says, “Main shuruat se shuru karunga, aur darunga nahi kisi se. I’m gonna call out each one of you who has made me go through hell. Each one of you.”

Vikas’ reaction came a couple of days after actor Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead at his Bandra apartment on June 14. The post mortem report states that he died of hanging himself and reportedly succumbed to depression.

Vikas had shared an emotional post for Sushant after his sudden demise. He shared a video and wrote, “Don’t ask a troubled person to talk to you if you don’t have an intention to help . Don’t call someone home for coffee because you want to feel good about yourself being kind you lend an ear. What he or she needs is much more. When you give hope and do nothing you add to the number of times his hope has died from inside.” He added, “I will not be shamed any more or blackmailed anymore by anyone. You have been doing this for far too long and honestly I would prefer to die knowing the world knows who you all really are and they realise that cruelty can exist to this extend . It can be in your family , friends , in college at workplace . People arnt all nice. They can be so brutal and sadist.”


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