WhatsApp is soon going to add the option to ‘mute’ a video before sharing, with the help of which you can mute a video before sharing it with a contact or creating a status. The new feature is reportedly available in the development stage for Android users, though it will be made available for iPhone users later. Apart from the mute option, a new feature called ‘Read Later’ is also in the works for the iPhone version of WhatsApp. This new feature will be an improved version of the existing Archived Chats feature.

WhatsApp Feature Tracker WABetaInfo Key Report According to WhatsApp beta for Android, the ability to mute videos has been introduced, with the help of which you can mute a video before sharing it with a contact or creating a status.

According to the screenshot shared by WABetaInfo, there will be a speaker icon for mute which will be located near the duration and file size details of the video to be shared. By clicking on this icon, you can mute the video on WhatsApp before sending it.


It is being said that work is going on on this new feature, currently this feature is present in the beta testing phase. However, in the coming time it will be made live for the update for Android WhatsApp users.

In addition to the mute video option, WABetaInfo’s key Report It has also been informed that WhatsApp is working on a ‘Read Later’ feature, which will replace the existing Archive Chats feature going forward. It is being said that this new feature is part of WhatsApp beat for iPhone.


In some screenshots shared by WABetaInfo, it can be seen that the ‘Read Later’ feature will allow users to archive certain chats whose notifications they do not want to receive. Users will also be given an Edit button, under which they can choose the chats they want to unarchive immediately. Tapping on the edit button will also get the Edit Archive Settings option, with the help of which he can make changes in the archived chats.


There is speculation about the new ‘Read Later’ feature that work is going on along with the new ‘Vacation Mode’, which is also in the works for a long time but it is yet to be made public. At the same time, like the video mute feature, the read letter feature is also currently in the under development stage, which can be made available with future updates.

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