Well known directorProducer Vikram Bhatt said in a special conversation during NavbharatTimes.com’s Facebook Live that the country has a billion-trillion-rupee business of cannabis, cocaine and all other drugs, but the target is only the film industry … because the spotlight In Bollywood, the rest of the world is drinking charas in the dark, no one can see anything.

Used to go to parties when i drank
Question – There has been a lot of talk about Bollywood stars taking drugs for the last one month, can you explain this, why are these things happening?
In response, Vikram Bhatt says, ‘I will not be able to speak on the question of whether or not there is drugs in Bollywood, because I have stopped going to Bollywood parties for the last 20 years. I gave up alcohol and cigarettes 20 years ago. When I used to drink alcohol, it was nice to go to parties, now think what people are saying.

Now nobody will invite me to such parties where all these (drugs) things happen.
‘Gradually I quit alcohol, now my hair is also white, the generation of today considers me the father of daughter Krishna. Now nobody will call me in such parties where all these things happen. You must be thinking what we will do by calling this old man. I do not know what goes on in today’s parties and what does not. If someone says that drugs work then it will work, if they say that it does not, then it probably will not. I cannot confirm what I have not seen. ‘

The daughter was told – Do not smoke cigarettes and do not take drugs
Vikram explains, ‘When my daughter was coming to the film industry, I told Krishna so much … that son don’t smoke cigarettes. I said this advice to Krishna, because I have asthma and my disease was aggravated by cigarettes. Now it is Krishna, then my blood, if Krishna does not get this disease. I told the daughter … I want you not to smoke cigarettes and do not take drugs. Drug addiction becomes a habit. I told all this to the daughter only once, but after that neither I have ever stopped them or stopped them, now I have to believe the daughter or not.

Had decided not to touch drugs
Krishna Bhatt, who was involved in this live chat with father Vikram Bhatt, says, ‘My experience of knowing at parties has been that in case of intoxication, there was alcohol wherever I went to the parties, but I had nothing about drugs. I know because I promised my father Vikram Bhatt. The father said that I am giving you both freedom and responsibility. I had decided only then that I would never touch these things. ‘

Is there any party where all this (drugs) is not happening
‘Now when I go to parties where other people smoke alcohol and cigarettes, I don’t know about drugs because people don’t do it in front of me. In some parties, people reduce intoxication, in some people they add more. Sometimes we get bored in parties and leave, do not know what happens in parties after that. I don’t think there is any party where all this (drugs) is not happening. If we are globally influencers, then its effect will be seen. I want to be responsible and stay away from drugs. I think everybody does drugs, it’s like nepotism, happens in all kinds of industry, but the infamous is just Bollywood. ‘

Why do people get addicted to drugs in the film industry?
Vikram says in response, ‘I explain this differently to you. Now we do not know much about Narcotest Department, but it is definitely known that the business of cannabis in our country is worth billions and trillions of rupees. The business of cocaine will also be of billions. Can you tell me that it is possible that the consumption of drugs of the entire country is only in the film industry. You and we both know that this is not possible. ‘

Drinking everyone hashish in the dark
‘There are crores of rich, money people who are not from the film industry, very high-profile people, who have a lot of money, but they are not from the film industry. You think that there is a world, where there is a dense dark shadow and a spotlight, which is rotating. In this darkness, the spotlight falls on Bollywood, now everyone is drinking charas in the dark, but there is a spotlight in Bollywood, so people ask to catch Bollywood. ‘

The film industry has a lot of bastards, they need a Narcotest bureau
‘I am not saying that there is no drugs in the film industry, now if this is happening in the whole world, then there must be drugs in the film industry too. It seems childish to say and believe that drugs are only in the film industry. Narcotest agency would not have been needed if only the film industry had drugs. Would this narcotest department be created just for the film industry. Now it is not that the government may have thought that the film industry has a lot of bastards, they need a Narcotest Bureau. When there is such a large bureau, it is clear that the matter is big.

At parties, trays containing drugs rotate, who is that waiter?
‘I have never been in a party where drugs have been taken or taken by anyone. I have been to very big parties. Somebody told me that, there was a news from somewhere that in some big parties drugs are offered in the tray. There is a tray, which contains different drugs and the same tray is offered to the guests coming to the party and people pick up the drug of their choice from the same tray. I said that I have not seen such a tray in my life. I do not know at which parties such trays rotate and who is the waiter who takes this tray and goes to the guests. All these things are concocted and imagined. There is no limit to this.

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