All the Bollywood syllabus during the difficult times of Corona epidemic in the country have extended their hand to help the needy people. Now actor Vivek Oberoi has announced on Saturday that he will arrange food for more than 3000 underprivileged children battling cancer and will do these tasks for the next three months. Vivek Oberoi has started fund raising for this.

Vivek Oberoi has posted a long video message on his Instagram account. In this, he has appealed to the people to help them in this noble cause. Vivek Oberoi said that a full month of food can be provided to a cancer fighter for just Rs 1000. He is doing this work in association with the Cancer Patient Assistance Association (CPAA).

Vivek Oberoi said that any donation is not a small donation and every rupee matters. Vivek Oberoi further said that these people are already fighting cancer, let’s make sure that they do not have to fight hunger.

Let Vivek Oberoi save more than 2.5 lakh, deprived children from cancer. Vivek Oberoi has saved more than 2200 little girls from child prostitution. More than 50 of whom are studying abroad on scholarship today.

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