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  • As the festival season draws to a close, the demand for handloom sarees increases.
  • Not only the Bollywood stars but also Manish Malhotra are seen promoting it.

Along with the fashion designers of our country, Bollywood celebrities are also ahead in promoting handmade products. By the way, handloom is promoted on the day of arrival. But as the festival season draws closer, the demand for handloom sarees increases.

Different varietals of handloom in sari are also in discussion this year. Not only Bollywood stars but well-known fashion designers of the country like Manish Malhotra are also promoting it.

Priyanka Chopra has recently tweeted a photo in Lemon Green Jamdani Saree to promote the handloom saree. He wrote in his tweet – “Indian handlooms are known for their unique workmanship. Let us all support the weavers and craftsmen of the textile industry ”.

Smriti Irani has posted her photo on Instagram wearing a handloom saree. He has also put a mask on his face. In her post Smriti wrote – “Handloom has enriched our daily life. Due to this, not only clothes and furnishings but also masks to wall hangings are being made during the time of Kovid. Bring these things made by hand in India to your home ”.

Kangana Ranaut shared a photo on Instagram and wrote – Let us promote handlooms, handmade items and all the things we can be proud of. When you choose handloom, you help the weavers who are struggling for their lives.

Sharing a photo on Instagram, Manish Malhotra wrote, “Mahatma Gandhi truly said that” I believe that the threads we weave have the power to change the broken fabric of our lives “. Handloom is the most special for me.

In the Kanjiwaram saree of mustard color, Vidya Balan is supporting the weavers who are going through difficult circumstances during the Corona period. She wants more and more women to buy handloom saris so that these weavers can get financial help.

Janhvi Kapoor has given the message to adopt it by wearing a handloom saree. She says, “This art of the weavers of our country is amazing.” His creativity is less appreciated. They are the best in the world ”.


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