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Dr. Emotional Mittal3 hours ago

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Wearing a gold chain or a hard skin causes itching, rashes. Please provide a diagnosis for this?

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Generally, jewelery made of 22 carat gold contains small amounts of other substances such as nickel. This reduces the gold touch and makes the metal stronger. The higher the percentage of other metal in the jewelry, the higher the chances of nickel rash. To avoid this, try to choose jewelery that is labeled ‘nickel free’ or ‘hypoallergenic’. If you have a rash on your throat or hands from wearing gold, use an anti-inflammatory cream or medicine for 2-3 days to cure such allergies.

If the rashes do not subside, consult a dermatologist to know the real reason behind these rashes. Meanwhile, keep moisturizing your skin and applying cold fomentation. Clean the jewelery after every use or before every use.

If your skin is fragile, avoid wearing fake jewelery as allergies can cause permanent scarring on the skin.

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