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14 hours ago

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I am 27 years old. Many times feel lethargic and have a slight fever. Both the face and hands remain warm but the temperature is normal in the thermometer. Fever medicine seems to be cured by eating. Please explain its cause and diagnosis?
– on email

Advice- If the temperature is normal when you feel fever, it may be due to lack of blood in the body, thyroid problems, vitamin D or vitamin B12 deficiency. In this case, see a doctor. Home remedies will not benefit in this either. Diagnosis means diagnosis, because treatment is not possible without it. In women, it is usually due to anemia.
Some people also get mild fever many times due to lack of vitamin B12. TB patients have mild fever, cough, loss of appetite and weight loss. Similarly, there can be many reasons, so it is difficult to say anything without conducting an investigation. Do not take medicines without examination. If the cause is anemia, treatment is not possible without its fulfillment. If there is a thyroid, then the doctor will give the medicine accordingly. If there is lack of blood, then I would advise to eat iron, fruits, green vegetables in the food for that. Good, it may be advisable to include dates in the diet because they contain a high amount of iron. Women usually have this problem due to the menstrual cycle. Apart from this, there can be anemia due to having a child, due to which women feel weak. At this time it may be due to some other reason also. Therefore, please see the doctor.

Specialist – Dr. Sundari Srikanth, Internal Medicine, QRG Health City Hospital

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