WhatsApp Delta has all the features that you want to have on WhatsApp. While the standard app mostly restricts access to basic texting and entertainment, the revised Delta version comes with some special services and functions. From modifying the interface to sending large files, this version of Delta has a lot to offer, but you shouldn’t have to download it. You are advised not to download a version of the app which is in principle better than the original version. However, there are reasons related to the safety and security of your data on the device. There is no point trying an app for its new features and compromising on your privacy.

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What is WhatsApp Delta?
WhatsApp Delta is a modified version of the commonly used regular WhatsApp. The idea behind these modified versions is to provide a good chatting experience with new and improved features. WhatsApp Delta is developed by DeltaLabs Studio and can be downloaded through third-party app depositories. With WhatsApp Delta, you can customize your WhatsApp experience.

The mod also brings features like auto-reply, third party video player, call block, hide online status, hide typing status, do not disturb and much more. Delta Mode allows users to send larger-sized high-resolution photos, photos and videos, and even extend the status duration.

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Should you get WhatsApp Delta?
Do not use modified versions of WhatsApp as they are illegal to use and download. In fact, those using these modified versions may face account restrictions on both names and even phone numbers. These apps are not officially available on Google Play. The only option is for you to download the app from third party. Therefore, it is not recommended to try these modifications in order to preserve data privacy and security.

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