Instant messaging app WhatsApp was testing the multi-device feature in its beta version for the past few months. Now the company has started releasing the stable version of the multi-device feature. This new feature allows users to connect up to five devices and run WhatsApp on them simultaneously. The company has named it as WhatsApp Linked Device, which can be seen in WhatsApp Settings.

As of now, your primary device must be constantly connected to the Internet in order to use the WhatsApp web version. However, after the new update, this restriction has now ended. Now, even if your primary phone is not connected to the Internet through the WhatsApp linked devices feature, you will continue to use the same WhatsApp account on other devices. However, if a user does not use the primary smartphone for more than 14 days, then all the devices connected to it will also be disconnected.

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Apart from the primary device, a WhatsApp account can be linked to up to 4 other devices. In short, users can use WhatsApp linked device to connect to different laptop-desktop at the same time and can use all the features of WhatsApp without connecting to the primary device. Let us know how to enable this feature.

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How to use Multi device feature
Step 1: First of all open Whatsapp Web on laptop or desktop.

Step 2: Now go to your phone and tap on Linked Devices option.

Step 3: Now scan the QR code that appears on the laptop screen.

Step 4: Once connected to the new device, your WhatsApp will start. Now if you want, you can turn off the net of the primary phone, yet WhatsApp will continue to run in the laptop.

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