WhatsApp Offers more than one feature to its users, and now the instant messaging service is working on a new feature. WhatsApp is currently beta testing the new feature, so that Android users Voice Message You can also listen to it in the background. This means that if you receive a voice message, and you start listening, then while listening, you switch to another window or chat, the voice message will still play in the background.

WABetaInfo said that if you are listening to a voice note and back or go to another chat, then the voice message will not stop.

According to the report, when this feature comes, things will become much easier for the users, and they will be able to do multitasking. Currently, when the user listens to a voice note, and for some reason leaves the chat, the voice message will also stop playing.

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Apart from this, WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature on the platform for voice notes, which can control the playback speed, and will also be able to see the preview of the note.

These features may come in 2022
Apart from this, we will tell about the updates for WhatsApp which can come in 2022. WhatsApp currently allows you to set custom wallpapers for your chat backgrounds. Now the company is going to give you a custom chat theme in dark and light mode, WhatsApp is going to roll out this feature soon.

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WhatsApp is soon going to give the feature of auto delete account like its competitor Telegram. In this, if you have not accessed the account for a certain time, then your account will be auto deleted, now WhatsApp gives the option to delete the account manually.

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